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11 Simple Tips To Make Your Date The Best One

Dating an attractive woman is not a difficult task at all. You just need to follow the 11 simple tips that can make your date the best one. Below discussed are some of them:

Make the date with Ukrainian woman the best one

Behave normally

Don’t try to act smart by adoring her. Talk to her as if she is like any other person. Avoid giving compliments.

Never stare her with a desire/ Fantasy

Be gentle towards her. Never stare her with a lust. Try to reduce up the intimate factor. Be sophisticated and act as if you don’t care about her looks.

Don’t try hitting on her

This is what exactly women usually looks out in men. Just make out as if you are ignoring her. Don’t give her attention at all. This will make her feel little unconcerned and automatically she will approach you.

Talk her about her hobbies and interests

While dating an attractive woman go in depth research regarding her hobbies and interests. Excite her mind as other men don’t. Try to be the best one.

Never lie to impress her

Avoid indulging in making false promises. To impress a woman it is better to be true to her. Never lie her to impress because this can lead to complications later on.

Try to be poetic

Women do appreciate men who can play with words. Try to be romantic. Send her some poetic messages. Make her feel comfortable. Talking about moon and star can easily make your work easier. Romantic words are turn-ons for most of Russian and Ukrainian women.

send a love poem to your beautiful lady

Don’t push her for Sex

Real men don’t push women for having sex. This can make her a bit uncomfortable. Drive her crazy and wait for the best time. Don’t act as a greedy dog.

Make her feel that she is not upto your standard’s

This is one such technique where women may feel little concerned about. Steal her thunder and tell her that it would be better to be friends rather than being in a relation. This will make her jealous and automatically she would try to improve her.

Tease her

Be fun loving and entertaining. Don’t acts like a kid and never act like too matured. Be light and tease her wherever required.

Never call while getting her number

It is a driven force which will get women curious about you. When you get her number and avoid calling her for a week then she would feel insecure. Surprise her after a week by calling her and try to fix a date sooner.

Surprise her and keep her guessing

Never reveal all that you have in your mind. Try to keep her guessing. The idea behind doing this to keep her off balance.

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