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Having been hanging on Russian dating sites for so long have you ever noticed that Russian ladies are extremely confident? Especially about their looks. I guess that’s men are so obsessed with Russian beautiful women. Russian girls are all dressed like celebrities even then just go downstairs and get a coffee. Even ordinary Russian Ukrainian girls are comfortable with showing their beauty and attractiveness.

Carina–Click to meet her

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From her name, Carina, you can find that she is not native Russian or Ukrainian. Carina has Spanish blood. That explains why she is not so shy and timid like some other Ukrainian girls. She is a mixture of tenderness and wildness as she described herself.  Carina thinks that beauty is a gift, you shouldn’t be shy to show it. Being a sexologist makes her feel even more comfortable showing her attractiveness. “Human bodies are pure and beautiful, why do you feel shameful about it?” Carina asks. But don’t get Carina wrong, being confident doesn’t mean she’s the type of girls who flirt with all men who try to find Russian wives. “You got to win my heart first.” she says. Are you ready?

Olya is always waiting for you


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“Soft and gentle, honest and sincere, feminine and sensual, sexy and passionate – it’s all about me!” Olya describes herself. She is a sophisticated lady who is not afraid of showing her charm, “if I still got it!” kidded Olya. Like many Russia single moms, Olya is one of them. But she is so full of energy you can’t never find her tired, always lives an active lifestyle. She is a designer, she thinks nature beauty of people is the most precious kind of art. She appreciates herself, likes to be take picture of. Many foreigners who have seen her photos ask “Are Russian women the most beautiful?” . I guess now you can answer it.

Ruslana is nothing but sexy

charmdate review, Russian ladies

“Bond” could be the best word to describe Ruslana. You can also probably see it from her photo. Deep down Ruslana considers herself an ordinary girl even though she is far more than just ordinary. If you don’t want a ten why date a Russian girl? Ruslana doesn’t like to wear too heavy make-up, she prefers to be simple. On weekend she enjoys spending time in nature, even fishing. If you are seeking Russian wife she’s total wife material who balances good looking and personality so well!

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