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Charmdate Review: 3 Rules Of A Bilingual Romance Through Language Barriers And Cultural Differences Dating Ukrainian

Online dating sites give foreigners limitless opportunities to meet Russian and Ukrainian women. But if you’re determined to meet Russian singles for dating, you have to understand it once and for all: dating a typical Russian woman is not the same as dating a woman of your own culture and from your own country.

And while dating a hot Ukrainian girl is undoubtedly exciting, there are certain challenges you need to be prepared for. When looking for Ukrainian women on Ukraine online dating free sites, many foreign men forget that there will be cultural and language differences between them.

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But that’s totally OK as long as you learn how to minimize that language barrier gap between you and follow these three rules of a bilingual romance to build a smooth relationship for decades to come based on mutual understanding, trust, respect, and love.

Be prepared to study

If you’re eager to get into a committed relationship with a Ukrainian or Russian woman, also be prepared to study. And we don’t mean just doing a brief research on cultural differences between Ukrainians / Russians and the rest of the world. We actually mean be prepared to put a tremendous amount of effort into learning new things about your partner’s culture and language.

Yep, it may kind of feel as if you’re back in school again, but being open to studying and learning more about your partner’s culture and language is the cornerstone of a balanced level of communication in a bilingual romance.

You have to understand that a language barrier is not just something that may make it challenging for your Ukrainian or Russian girlfriend to describe what kind of food she’d like to order, it also places certain limitations on your abilities to speak your minds comfortably and really understand each other on a deep level.

Besides, if you learn each other’s native languages and cultures, it will eliminate some of the imbalances when it comes to parenting. When you have children together, it may create certain difficulties if your children share a language with only one parent. One of the biggest advantages of parenting in bilingual marriages is that children who speak two languages from a young age have been scientifically proven to be smarter than children who know only one language.

Your girlfriend is NOT your translator

If you truly want to learn your foreign girlfriend’s language, do not make the common mistake of turning her into your translator unless you want to ruin your relationship.

Here’s the thing, if you truly want to succeed in Ukraina dating with a hot Ukrainian or Russian girl, it is advised that you sign up for language classes, hire a teacher, or learn from textbooks. In fact, there are plenty of Ukrainian and Russian video site that offer you to learn the Russian or Ukrainian language by watching videos and engaging in interactive activities.

As you may know from school, studying can be very frustrating and annoying. At times, it may even be stressful. You don’t want to be annoyed or frustrated with your girl, do you? That’s why your partner should never be your teacher, as you won’t even notice how your dates – which are meant to be romantic – turn into boring language classes.

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It is, however, perfectly normal to pick up slang terms and practice language with your partner from time to time, and it’s true for when you’re dating both Russian and Ukrainian women. You may even want to start learning some new words at early stages of dating, during your Russian live chat on CharmDate. In fact, expressing interesting in a Russian lady’s language and culture will actually get you lots of points and make you more desirable in her eyes (a win-win!).

Beware of arguments and fights

Look, when you’re looking for Russian or Ukrainian singles on Ukraine online dating free sites, nobody tells you that any fight and argument could ruin your relationship. That’s because people who speak different languages and were raised in different cultural environments tend to have different approaches to communication.

Meaning: what you consider perfectly normal to say may be a taboo or a sensitive topic for your partner. This is especially true when a foreigner makes a joke that is perfectly normal for his culture but is considered offensive in Ukraine or Russia. That’s why it is advised to clarify what your partner meant before getting angry at her and, vice versa, clarifying what you were trying to say if you see that your partner got upset after you said something.

If you’re looking for a Ukraine date, you have to be prepared to follow these three rules of a bilingual relationship to ensure that your romance thrives for years and decades to come. Cultural differences and language barriers may seem tough, but they are worth it, as the benefits of being in a bilingual relationship cannot be overstated.

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