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Charmdate Review: 3 Russian Women Looking For Warmth In Online Dating

Online dating is full of Russian beauty girls of all ages,  types, and other characteristics. In other words, if you’re looking for a Russian woman, online dating is the best way to start your love search, as it offers infinite opportunities to suit any taste.

Many foreign men tend to believe that mature and young, brunette and blonde Russian women are all weak and lacking confidence. But that’s far from reality. While Russian women may seem shy and not very open to reveal every intimate detail about themselves, in no way does it make them weak or not confident.

Why Russian women are actually the strongest

A privileged life is something that isn’t commonly found in Russia. The vast majority of Russian girls are born into poverty and poor families, and have to study and work hard in order to provide for themselves, and often, their family.

Would you call a woman “weak” knowing that she spent 11 years studying in school plus five years to pursue higher education – and then had to find a decent job among all those low-income jobs in Russia to be able to earn a living and provide for her family?

If you still think that all Russian women are weak, chat with Russian girls and find out for yourself. Here, we’ve shortlisted three single Russian women who are strong and single to prove that not all Russian ladies lack confidence and can’t stand up for themselves.

Lyuba, 38

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Lyuba is a short version of the name Lyubov, which, as you may know, stands for “love” in the Russian language. Lyuba playfully suggests in her CharmDate profile that her name serves as a “clue” as to what kind of a person she is.

Not only is Lyuba full of love, but also full of strength and confidence, and that’s exactly what you should be looking for if you want a long-term healthy relationship full of respect and warmth.

Although Lyuba says that she’s strong, she also says that she’s tired of being strong. Women were made physically weaker than men by nature, and now Lyuba is looking for her man – her own fortress – who would make her feel protected and as safe as behind a wall.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be a “pile of muscles.” Just because a man is muscular doesn’t make him a strong individual. What Lyuba is looking for is a decent and caring man who would possess inner strength. In return, that man will feel Lyuba’s warmth and love.

If you combine your own strength with the strength of Lyuba, you’ll be a one-of-a-kind couple! Don’t waste your time no more, go have fun in the Russian live chat with this blonde beauty.

Tetyana, 27

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Strong doesn’t necessarily mean boring and unable to have fun. When Russian women date they like to have fun, too. And it’s true for both strong and weaker women.

Just look at Tetyana, this beautiful lady who combines all of the best traits of a woman: beauty, confidence, strength, femininity… And on top of that, she is fun to be around!

Tetyana starts her dating profile bio by writing about a life-changing experience with dolphins. She once had a chance to swim with a dolphin and it made her rethink her life entirely. This experience brought so many unforgettable memories that Tetyana decided to focus on pleasant emotions and good energy in her life.

And part of that plan includes finding her love on CharmDate, one of the most legitimate Russian dating sites in the world. Tetyana is certain that she will make her future man happy in any circumstances.

She’s also a very romantic person. Tetyana says that she enjoys walks in the rain. Hint: if it’ll be raining on your first, second or third date, don’t waste your chance to deliver that passionate, romantic comedy-esque kiss in the rain. This will melt her heart instantly!

If you can’t wait to kiss Tetyana, click on that blue “Send Mail” button on her dating profile. Don’t let someone else steal this gorgeous lady away from you.

Maria, 21

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Maria is not like most other Russian beauty girls out there, and she wants you to know it. Maria says she is bright and she is a strong and independent woman.

Maria is truly unique. Not only is she open to new positive situations in life (such as online dating with foreign men!), but also calls herself a responsible and committed girl.

And it’s a rarity to find a girl with this set of traits nowadays. But don’t assume even for a second that Maria is a stone-hearted girl. In fact, she can be gentle and touching, too.

Unlike many other Russian women on online dating websites, Maria went the extra mile and uploaded an introduction video to complement her CharmDate profile. If a Russian girl uploads a video, it means that she has nothing to hide. Besides, it’s the video you won’t find on any other Russian video websites.

Maria has lots of interests and hobbies, including but not limited to reading, listening to music, dancing, and working out. In fact, Maria has played basketball for 8 years. So if you think a girlfriend would always interrupt her boyfriend during a match, Maria will surprise you, in the good way of course.

But obviously, playing basketball shouldn’t be your only motivation when contacting this gorgeous dark blonde-haired Russian beauty. Chat with Maria right now – the clock is ticking.

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