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Charmdate Review: 4 Reasons Not To Date Hot Ukrainian Girls

I know what you’re thinking right now, “Wait a second, is there even one reason not to date hot Ukrainian girls?” Everything is relative, or so they say, and dating Russian women is no exception.

You see, what one man considers a reason to date hot Russian brides, another man sees as a downside. So take the following information with a grain of salt, as you might actually like what you’re about to read about Russian and Ukrainian women.

Charmdate Review,Russian webchat

You’ll be bothered by all the male attention she gets

If you go on any serious dating apps online, you will see thousands of sexiest Russian women available for chatting and dating. At first sight, dating a gorgeous Russian lady seems like a wonderful idea. But for many foreign men, Russian women are just too beautiful to handle.

If you look at any Russian girls gallery on an online dating site, you will notice that Russian beauty is beyond this world. That means many things for men dating gorgeous Russian girls. Firstly, she’ll get plenty of male attention. Secondly, she’ll most likely be spending a huge amount of time on makeup before going out (even when going for groceries).

Note: if you are dating a gorgeous Russian woman, you have to put up with hundreds of sexualized and inappropriate comments directed toward your girlfriend from males.

You’ll probably put on some weight

Dating a Russian woman means being well fed. But you know how it goes. When men settle down in a relationship, they stop caring about their appearance as much as they used to when they were single and don’t mind eating an extra burger or two even when they have already eaten three.

All hot Ukrainian girls know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, which is why Ukrainian and Russian mothers teach their daughters to cook various delicious dishes and pass on unique recipes for generations. Of course, with all the delicious food on the table every breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it might be difficult to control your appetite.

That’s why a man with lack of self-control might put on some weight when dating a Russian or Ukrainian woman who can cook.

Charmdate Review,Hot Ukrainian Girls,

You’ll have to be the man in the house

With all the feminism and gender equality in the modern world, the lines between gender roles have become more blurred than ever. In the West, women aspire to have equal rights and equal pay, which means a woman who is the breadwinner in the family is not a rare phenomenon in Western countries.

In Russia and Ukraine, however, the notion of a woman bringing home the dough and providing for the family while her husband stays at home is quite bizarre. So if you’re a foreigner who’s signed up on some Russian dating agency, get used to being the man in the house. When dating in Russia or Ukraine, your Russian wife will depend on your natural male strength.

You might be pressured into marriage

When it comes to dating, Russian and Ukrainian women don’t like to waste their time. Unlike women from other countries, Russian ladies are very serious about relationships and are more likely to pressure their boyfriends into marriage. So if you’re having a Russian webchat with some gorgeous woman from Russia or Ukraine but don’t want this relationship to get anywhere too serious, make your intentions clear from the very beginning. If you’re dating a Russian or Ukrainian woman for at least six months, be sure that she expects you to propose to her. Sometimes, hot Russian brides pressure their boyfriends into marriage, and failure to get married might lead to a breakup or a very unpleasant fight or disagreement. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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