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Charmdate Review: 4 Stages of Dating With Ukrainian Women: The Pitfalls In Each Stage

If you’re currently looking for Ukrainian women on dating sites, it is essential that you understand how dating works. How soon will you advance into a relationship from the moment you write to her, “Hi! I’m an amazing dude! Let’s go on a date!” (not a good pickup line, by the way)?

In general, dating can go two ways: (1) you go on a Ukraine date and nothing works out for whatever reason, and you call it quits, or (2) you advance into a relationship through these four stages of dating with cute Russian girls.

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Awkwardness and first date

The stage of awkwardness begins from the moment you ask a Ukraine beauty out, either it’s a chat on best online dating sites or a face-to-face interaction that leads to the exchange of your numbers.

The way you ask hot Ukraine ladies out on a first date or the way you start a conversation online is most of the times awkward itself, too. But it gets better, trust me.

For how long you’re stuck in the awkwardness stage depends on your particular circumstances – how you hit it off, how often you chat, how many dates you have, how well your dates went, whether you kissed for the first time / had sex already, etc. There are many factors that come into play. But generally, people finally and truly break the ice on their third date (or after their first kiss or first night together).

If you have good chemistry, advancing from the “awkwardness” stage to the “comfort” stage won’t take long. But even if you seem to hit it off quickly and are comfortable with one another in your chats (before you have your first physical interaction), going on a first date will be awkward anyway. That’s how Russia dating works.

Warning: the “awkwardness” stage is usually the stage of dating when both men and women tend to paint themselves in better light and disguise their imperfections, flaws and weaknesses (that means lying and exaggerating their accomplishments and good qualities).

Comfort and growing, insatiable passion

During the awkwardness stage, it may seem as if you will never feel comfortable around that Ukraine beauty sitting next to you, because you like her so much (she seems so perfect on those Russian women photos!) that you can’t help but feel awkward every time she’s around (the last thing you want is to screw up or make yourself look like a fool in front of your crush).

Dating isn’t rocket science, but that uncontrollable awkwardness tends to subside over time. You begin to feel more comfortable around your date. As you get to know each other more, your comfort begins to transform into the wild and insatiable passion and lust (don’t worry, it’s totally natural).

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Passion gets out of hand, horny AF

When lurking on Russian and Ukraine dating sites, you may feel as if you’re developing passion for certain girls – the best looking girls out there on Russian online dating websites – but don’t confuse it with the passion you’re going to feel in the “horny AF” stage, which follows the “comfort” stage in dating.

This stage is basically what the name implies: you can’t get enough of each other, and you can’t keep your hands to yourself. It feels as if you want to eat that person alive and there isn’t enough hours in a day to do all the lustful and passionate things you want with that person.

If you’re serious about your intentions to develop a committed relationship, that out-of-hand passion will eventually subside and evolve into the “relationship” stage. And no: just because you have less sex or are less intimate during the “relationship” stage than you did during the “horny AF” stage doesn’t necessarily mean that you no longer “love” that person.

The relationship stage

Finally, you’ve arrived there: through all the awkward conversations, through all those comfortable dates together, through all the insatiable passion and lust. The relationship, your final destination.

At this phase, the physical and sexual needs are no longer the priorities. You begin to care for one another on a deeper, emotional level. In other words, you settle down. You get realistic. At this stage, it can go two ways: (1) you realize that your feelings were merely fueled by passion and lust, and all you wanted from the cute Russian girls was to satisfy your sexual needs (uh-oh, the looming breakup!), or (2) you continue to develop deeper feelings for your girlfriend and decide to get married and/or start a family with her (or at least have that possibility on your radar for the nearest future).

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