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Charmdate Review: 5 Men’s Skills Russian Babes Find Very Sexy

Do you want to impress Russian babes but photos of you hunting uploaded on an online dating site don’t seem to do the trick? Well, it’s obvious why girls don’t seem too eager to view you as “boyfriend material.” After all, hunting was named one of the seven “obsolete man skills you should ditch” as part of a controversial article published on AskMen.

Although many men across the world disagreed with Ian Stobber, the author of the article, and criticized him for featuring such classic manly skills as hunting, fighting, repairing your car, and fixing things at home, Mr. Stobber may be right about something.

Russian babes

Are these skills really ‘obsolete’?

It would be wrong to say that hunting is a skill that girls from Russia view as something “attractive” or even remotely necessary for a modern man to learn. In fact, those gruesome photos of men posing with dead animals are not very sexy.

At the same time, it would be wrong to say that fixing things at home is a completely useless skills for men. After all, some women think it’s super alpha when her man knows how to handle repair tools to fix her leaking faucet in the kitchen or fix broken pipes in the bathroom (though it’s fair to say that many pretty Russian girls know how to use Google, which is full of DIY guides on how to fix things at home).

What men’s skills can attract Russian babes?

Okay, so what men’s skills you can still brag about in a Russian girls chat on an online dating site and expect your lady to be impressed? Although it may seem that Instagram’s influence on body image and our lifestyles in recent years has women all fired up about dating men with blessed physical appearances, unrealistically shredded and muscular bodies and six-packs, and tons of money to afford luxury lifestyles and fancy cars, it’s not necessarily true.

Of course, there are plenty of shallow women and gold diggers out there, who care only about money, good looks, and 6-packs, but you need to understand that they exist in all parts of our planet. They can be Brazilian women, Russian women, and American women.

5 skills you can learn to impress Russian girls

Alright, let’s get back to our original question, “What men’s skills do women in Russia find sexy?” A good thing is that many of these skills you might have already learned, while others are relatively easy to learn (that, of course, if you’re actually interested in adding some sexy points to your charm and attractiveness).

These are the skills that every man can learn if he truly wants to become “boyfriend material” and make women crazy for you. 


Dating a man who’s concerned more with the needs and wishes of other people than his own is a dream of any Russian lady. After all, being with a man who’s willing to offer his time, energy, and resources to help those in need can make any woman’s heart melt. And the best part is that you don’t need to read tons of books or articles on the Internet to master this skill. This skill is hidden in all of us, but only few of us are willing to show our vulnerability to be selfless.

Speaking foreign languages

This skill is most likely not a problem for the vast majority of foreigners looking for Russian mail order brides. After all, they speak their mother tongue, English, and probably a little bit of the Russian language to impress the lady with some fancy or funny words.

On a more serious note, speaking foreign languages fluently is the skill that counts. However, there’s always a risk of overdoing it. In other words, don’t flaunt your knowledge at any given opportunity, as it might actually repel a woman.


No, we aren’t trying to say that all Russian women care about your 6-pack. In fact, you don’t even need to have a gym membership to learn this skill. Getting involved in sports can be your hobby, and that will be enough to attract women. After all, any woman knows that athletic men have self-discipline, dedication, and are good team players. If you have great physique thanks to sports, it’s definitely a bonus point (after all, you should look good together in those Russian girls images if your girlfriend is super fit).

Playing a musical instrument

As much as many men try to convince themselves that the notion that “women fall in love with guys who play a musical instrument” is nothing but a myth, playing a musical instrument is actually one of the skills that attract almost every woman in Russia. Why? Because learning to play guitar, piano, or any other musical instrument requires true passion and dedication. And that’s really hot!


Many men think that cooking is a skill exclusively for women, but, in reality, the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach, too. You don’t have to know 100+ recipes to attract a woman. All you need is to know how to cook delicious food, and you can definitely get away with mastering a few classic recipes. Easy? Well, much easier than hunting, that’s for sure!

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