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Charmdate Review: 6 Things Nobody Ever Told You About Intercultural Russian Dating

Intercultural dating… It’s a fancy word that defines a Russian dating relationship between two people from different cultures. For example, sexy Russian girls dating a Western man would be considered “intercultural,” as Russia and the West have two distinctively different cultures.

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With the ever-growing popularity of international dating sites, intercultural and interracial relationships have become more real than ever. You no longer have to travel thousands of miles by planes and buses to have a free chat with Ukraine ladies. Today, all you need to do to meet nice Russian women is go online and sign up on CharmDate.

Even though intercultural dating is easier than ever before, it doesn’t change the fact that there are numerous myths and misconceptions about dating someone from another culture. Needless to say, those misconceptions can ruin not only your relationship, but also the relationships of other people. Because when the misconceptions spread, they spread like wildfire, swallowing everything on its way and wreaking havoc.

Today, we outlined some of the key things about intercultural dating nobody ever told you about before. Let’s start with the basics.

No two intercultural relationships are made equal

Look, just because your friend has had no luck with sexy Russian girls, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t even bother trying to find Russian girl online.

Don’t let the stereotypes about culture get in the way. Never generalize or compare the intercultural romances of other people. Every intercultural and interracial relationship is unique; you and your partner are the only architects of your romance.

Prepare to learn about your partner’s culture… a lot

One of the best things about dating a girl from another culture is that you get a unique chance to immerse yourself into a culture that may seem difficult to understand or even strange. If you are dating someone who comes from another cultural background and who was raised on a different set of values, you can learn a whole lot not only about that person, but also about her culture.

Think about the big picture

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Sure, when you look at Russian date photos or Ukraine lady pictures, it’s hard not to notice how beautiful the Russians are. But don’t cross that vague line between admiring a girl’s beauty and objectifying her. When you signed up on the international dating sites, what was your goal? Be honest with yourself, and don’t be influenced by the things you may read about Russian women online.

There are tons of stereotypes surrounding Russian women, and although intimacy is a crucial part of every relationship, developing a romance is a much more intriguing element to it.

Erase the stereotypes, don’t generalize

If your only temptation to date a Russian girl is based on some questionable cultural stereotypes, you’re walking on a minefield. In fact, Russian women hate it when foreign men date them because of some stupid stereotypes. So NEVER should you ever generalize. Try to get to know the girl from scratch, all by yourself, without these stereotypes getting into your head.

You may have different opinions and disagreements, and it’s fine

When foreigners go looking for Ukraine personals online, they don’t realize that when you’re dating a girl from another culture, you will most likely not agree on everything. Be prepared that you might have different opinions about certain things. After all, you and your partner were raised in a different culture, so be respectful.

Your relatives and friends might not like it

Some people who choose to date persons from another culture or race experience a pushback from their relatives and friends. Try your best at explaining that this is your choice, and you’re the only one who gets to decide what’s best for you. If you want to be dating nice Russian women, why should you listen to anyone else?

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