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Charmdate Review: 7 Differences Between Ukraine Ladies and Russian Women

Given that both Ukraine ladies and Russian ladies are Slavic women, and given that there are millions of mixed families in both Ukraine and Russia, does it mean that there’s no difference between Russian and Ukrainian women? Far from it.

Anyone who tells you that gorgeous Ukrainian ladies and beautiful Russian girls are the same is wrong. There are quite a few differences between Russians and Ukrainians; some of these differences are slight and not very visible, while others are very stark and obvious.

Ukraine ladies

Regardless of whether you are dating Kiev Ukraine or are looking for Russian girls to date, you need to know the differences between dating a Russian and Ukrainian woman.

Dressing and style. If you walk down the street in Kiev and Moscow or browse through pictures of beautiful Ukrainian women and Russian women for the sake of comparison, you will notice that Ukrainian girls have the dress-to-impress approach to their personal style. Russian women, on the other hand, are more likely to dress casually when there’s no occasion for dressing sexy. While many of you might think, “Oh, that means Ukrainian women always look fabulous!” there’s also a downside to this: They also take longer to get ready for a date and some even won’t leave their house without makeup even to go for groceries.

Makeup. When on Ukraine date, you might notice that a Ukrainian girl looks 10 out of 10. Consider this: many Ukrainian women think it is unacceptable to leave the house with no makeup. The vast majority of Ukrainian women look just as good as in their pictures posted on Instagram, which is definitely a good thing and means that you won’t be disappointed after you see what a girl looks like in real life after chatting on dating sites.

Language barrier. Since recent political events in Ukraine shifted Ukrainians’ orientation from Russia to Europe, an increased number of Ukrainian people started learning English to be able to communicate with foreigners. Meaning: a Ukrainian lady is more likely to be fluent in the English language than a Russian lady, which means your free chat with Ukraine ladies will have little to no misunderstandings and confusion caused by the language barrier.

gorgeous Ukrainian ladies

Conservativism and feminism. Those political events in Ukraine also caused more women to ditch conservativism and go for feminism to go hand-in-hand with European women’s values and goals. Russian women, meanwhile, are more conservative, which means a Russian wife is more likely to be okay with the traditional gender roles in a family: the wife staying home and the husband working to provide for the family. If you are looking for Russian girls for marriage, they probably make good wives.

Upbringing and values. In Russia, girls go through the patriarchal upbringing, while in Ukraine, the matriarchal upbringing is more common than patriarchal. Russian women are more used to the idea that the man is the main figure in the family, while Ukrainians think both spouses are equally important figures in the family. Whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on what you’re looking for in marriage.

Communication. As a rule of thumb, a Russian woman is more likely to do most of the talking during the first date than a Ukrainian woman, who prefers to listen. When you look at Ukraine lady pictures you can tell that Ukranian women are more quiet and good listeners. Ukrainian women are less talkative and more tight-lipped when communicating with strangers.

Skepticism. Statistically speaking, Ukrainian people are more disappointed in their country’s politics and are less confident about their future compared to Russians. This may have something to do with the fact that Ukrainian people are fed up with empty promises from politicians. That’s why Ukrainian women tend to be more skeptic than Russian women, and thus more serious and less likely to smile to strangers.

We strongly suggest you to go on a Ukrainian date online and date a Russian girl to see the differences between Ukrainian and Russian women. Obviously, there are also many similarities between Ukrainian and Russian ladies considering that Ukrainians and Russians have shared family ties for generations.

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