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Charmdate Review: A Checklist Of A Gentleman In Modern Dating, According To Sexy Russian Babes

It’s getting harder and harder to impress sexy Russian babes in modern dating. “It’s because they’re too picky!” some men think, while others answer, “Nope, it’s because they are gold diggers!” Well, it’s neither this or that.

We live in the age when online dating has replaced the traditional way of meeting your potential love interest (that is: awkwardly approaching beautiful women on the streets and asking for their phone number), which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The bad thing is that since online dating is a relatively new phenomenon, most guys have no idea how to do it the right way and how to behave like a gentleman in modern dating. And really, how do you know that you are a gentleman in modern dating when there aren’t really any established hard rules of being a gentleman in the era of online dating.

Those of you wanting to date Russian girls and wondering “Why are Russian women so beautiful?” should definitely read the rules of being a gentleman in modern dating.

sexy Russian babes

Well, what’s the better way to figure out how a real gentleman should treat women than asking the girls? And that’s exactly what we did. And here’s what we’ve found.

Don’t send her your nude pics right away

“Okay, I know that I’m probably one of the hottest Russian girls on online dating sites, but that doesn’t mean that I want to see photos of your manhood in my inbox! This isn’t a gentleman-ish way to greet a woman on a dating site!” says Katerina, 29.

Lesson learned: don’t send your nude pics to sexy Russian ladies in your first message. Even better, never send nude pics unless she explicitly asked for them or invited you to send them by sending her own nude pics first.

Don’t insult her for getting rejected

“Unfortunately, some men get too violent when you reject them on dating sites. When they get rejected in real life, they are less likely to get aggressive in front of everyone, but when it happens in the chatroom while hiding behind their computer or phone, they are ‘brave’ enough to insult single Russian ladies simply for not wanting to continue chatting with them,” complains Irina, 23.

Lesson learned: insulting a woman or otherwise turning violent in Russian online chat simply for getting rejected isn’t the thing a modern gentleman would do. First and foremost, you need to have respect for women, even those who aren’t interested in dating you.

Don’t offer her to split the bill

“Imagine my surprise when this guy – a foreigner I met on an online dating site – offered me to pay 50/50 for the bill during our date at a restaurant. To say the least, I was shocked, because we don’t do this thing here in Russia or elsewhere in Eastern Europe,” says Marina, 24.

Lesson learned: splitting the bill on your first, second, third or any subsequent date – or, in other words, going halfsies – isn’t going to score you gentleman points, especially, when dating Russian girls for marriage. While Western women are more likely to jump on the feminism train, Russian women are more traditional in this regard and will think that you’re “cheap” for offering to split the bill during your dinner date.  

Put away your phone during the date

“This was the first time I walked away from a date without saying goodbye or telling him that I would leave. This guy kept checking his phone every 5 minutes during our date and texting someone. There was even a moment when someone sent him a video and he watched the whole thing while we were in the conversation,” complains Tatiana, 21.

Lesson learned: a gentleman would never get distracted by other things while on a date, especially by his phone (unless it’s something urgent; looking at Russian girls pictures while on a date isn’t an urgent matter). Your date deserves your full and undivided attention, so make sure you give it to her or else you don’t deserve to be called a modern gentleman.

Leave only after your date leaves

“We had a wonderful first date together, but after he paid for the dinner he stood up, said goodbye and stormed off, explaining that his taxi is already waiting for him. I was like ‘WTF?’ – I thought he would at least have some excuses! So there I was, sitting alone at a restaurant like a complete idiot, waiting for my taxi to arrive,” says Maria, 27.

Lesson learned: After the date with sexy Russian girls, don’t order the taxi first. Be a gentleman about it. Allow your date to take the taxi first, and then order yours.

Never ghost a woman

“There was this guy I went on a date with. And it seemed to me that we had a great time together and even had our second date planned out! But after I arrived home and sent him a message saying that I enjoyed our date, I never heard back from him even though he was online and probably chatting with other women. I was what they call “ghosted,” complains Karina, 25.

Lesson learned: Unfortunately, ghosting is more common than you think. But just because other people think it’s a “norm,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that ghosting is something a gentleman would do.

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