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Charmdate review: Blonde vs Brunette vs Chestnut: Which Hair Color You Prefer in These 3 Russian Girls?

When it comes to Russian girls, foreign men seem to have diametrically opposite views about which hair color is the best. The blonde vs brunette debate has been around for centuries, but many Russian single girls also commonly have chestnut hair color.

But saying that hair color X is (for some reason) sexier or more beautiful than hair color Y is plain wrong, as a Russian girl with any hair color can attract an inordinate amount of male attention on Russian women dating sites.

In fact, it all depends on every man’s personal preferences. So which side are you on? Blonde vs brunette vs chestnut?

If you’re looking to meet Russian girl online, we have three gorgeous single Russian girls with each hair color (yet, we’ve got you covered this time).


If you’re Team Blonde, take a look at An, a 21-year-old blonde-haired goddess living in Odessa, Ukraine.

An moved from Donetsk to Odessa to escape the war-torn region and pursue a better life. And while this beauty Russian girl loves everything about Odessa – the people and sea – she is still very lonely, and is ready to give up everything and move abroad to be with you.

That’s why An signed up on  to try her luck at finding a man of her dreams. An is a good cook and she isn’t a boring girl to be around (she says she drinks on occasion).

An maintains her body in enviable shape, as seen from her profile picture wearing that sexy black mini dress. An is looking for a man who reads a lot and is truly alive.

Meaning: don’t bother her if you can’t keep up a fascinating conversation and if you aren’t passionate about life.

Do you want to have fun with An and enjoy time spent at home on cold winter days, cuddling, cooking and reading together? Then reach out to An ASAP.


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Here comes the hot brunette to spark the never-ending blonde vs brunette debate on the Internet.

Meet Lily, a 23-year-old raven-haired beauty embodying the best qualities of a Russian wife: family-oriented, tender, intelligent, natural and joyful.

If you want to date Russians, Lily is one of those Russian single girls that will shower you with unmeasurable amount of love, care and support (every man would thrive with a girlfriend like Lily!).

Lily may be an adventurous and exciting Christmas gift to unwrap during the upcoming holidays – and she will certainly keep you warm this cuffing season full of watching winter romantic comedies and sipping on hot chocolate.

Lily has been in a marriage before, but she is now divorced. Meaning: if you want to put a ring on Lily’s finger, you will have to do better than just feeding her with empty promises and nice words (she has been through all that).

Focus on winning over Lily’s heart and making her the happiest girl in the world. Rihanna signs that she’s “the only girl in the world.” Well, how about making Lily the happiest one?

If you’re looking for brunette single Russian brides, you may want to focus your attention on Lily: after all, we know for a fact that she is single (but won’t stay single for long!).

Contact this gorgeous Russian girl with jaw-dropping slim legs and adorable smile today!


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Luba is a chestnut-haired beauty Russian girl on a mission to find the right man on CharmDate.

She is a young Russian girl passionate about sports, music, animals and nature. If this is a match – and you’re passionate about these things as well – keep going.

Luba also loves watching movies that grip you to the edge of the seat till the end credits. Hint: do you know good movies that keep you in suspense till the very end? This may be a good topic to start a conversation with this lovely girl.

Luba calls herself a fountain of optimism and emotions. And that’s definitely a good thing if you’re looking to date a sincere and cheerful Russian girlfriend.

If you’re wondering how to meet Russian ladies and fear that Luba may be “out of your league,” don’t. She’s a down-to-earth person with a good sense of humor.

Hit it off with Luba by sending her a private message!




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