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Charmdate Review: Creepy Things Guys Do In Dating That Creep Russian Girls Out

Many guys seem to be delusional when it comes to dating Russian girls. Or else why would so many fellas ruin their chances with beautiful Russian babes by making stupid mistakes that totally creep them out?

Turns out, you don’t have to do much to creep cute Russian girls out.

Just make a disgusting joke, catcall, inappropriately touch single Russian women, stalk them on social media or fail to make eye contact because your eyes are consumed with their breasts.

That’s all it takes to be immediately thrown into that deep hole of creepiness.

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All these creepy things don’t exactly melt Russian women’s hearts. All they melt is your chances of dating Russian girls (plus, there’s always a risk of getting a well-deserved slap in the face).


You’ve probably seen it in Hollywood movies numerous times. Some random guy stares at a gorgeous girl walking by him, he whistles at her, checks her out from head to toe and makes a sexually suggestive comment or two.

For some movie guys, it works. For others, it doesn’t. In real life, it never, ever works unless a girl is desperate for any type of male attention even the creepiest one.

The creepiest thing you can do is catcall from your car while following and keeping pace with a Russian girl for marriage.

Best-case scenario, you will get totally ignored.  And that, my friend, isn’t exactly the most fun thing that can happen to you on a Friday night.

Creepy jokes

Cracking jokes when meeting your potentially-future Russian girlfriend is like walking on thin ice. One wrong move, and you’re done.

Many guys don’t seem to understand the difference between socially-acceptable and friendly (aka non-creepy) jokes and disgusting, creepy and sexist jokes that are NOT appreciated by any Russian girl for marriage.

Use Google to learn what kind of jokes fall under that “good sense of humor” category that so many single Russian women are looking for in their future boyfriend and husband.

Inappropriate touching

In a world where men are being discouraged from touching women to avoid legal trouble in the face of all the sexual harassment allegations flying around in Hollywood, stay away from inappropriate touching.

As a matter of fact, follow the good old gentleman’s guide: never touch a woman unless you’re explicitly invited to.

Touching can be extremely uncomfortable and even creepy to many cute Russian girls. Even something as innocent as a hand on her waist or shoulder may make her want to get as far as possible from you.

That’s why Russian dating on the Internet makes things so much easier. With online dating, you can (1) browse through thousands of Russian girls pics to find the right girl, and (2) get to know each other before your first physical interaction.

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And you know the drill: if a girl agrees to a meeting after interacting with you on a dating website, it’s crystal clear that you’re invited to touch her (however, it doesn’t mean you can go any further.

Stalking on social media

While I hope every guy understands that stalking a girl in real life is arguably the creepiest thing you can do, stalking on social media is just as creepy.

Things like sending her hundreds of unsolicited messages or sexually explicit pics even though she has been ignoring you all along, commenting on her every photo, liking her social media posts as soon as they get published, and other types of obsessive behavior on social media.

Even finding a girl you saw on an online dating website and starting to follow her on social media is pretty creepy if she never agreed to exchange her personal info with you.

Staring at her

Okay, you can totally do it when looking at Russian brides photos, but try not to staring at her especially her body when communicate with Russian babes face-to-face.

It’s polite looking into people’s eyes when you talk to them but staring at them all they way will creep Russian girls out.

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