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Charmdate review: Creepy Things You Should NEVER Do To Girls On Dating Apps (According To Ukrainian Women)

Online dating is still a relatively new thing, which is why many guys tend to make unforgivable mistakes when dating Ukrainian women. Not only are these mistakes unforgivable, but also super creepy.

We interviewed some of the hottest Ukrainian and Russian ladies from CharmDate to figure out what you should never do on dating apps unless you want to come off as a creep.

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Never stalk girls on social media

“When I signed up on CharmDate, I only uploaded one photo of me and mentioned my real name (without the surname, obviously). This one guy kept sending me messages but I kept ignoring him, and, imagine how surprised  I was when several days later I received a friend request on Facebook from this guy, who managed to find me among millions of other Natashas on Facebook just by knowing my name and seeing only one pic. You can only imagine how crept out I was,” Natasha, 23.

Stalking on social media is one of the creepiest things you can do to a Russian or Ukraine female nowadays. Social media stalking is equivalent to stalking in real life, lurking in the shadows, and peeking through the windows. Yuck!

Never send unsolicited nude pics

“In the world of dating apps, it’s pretty much impossible for young and mature Ukrainian women to create a dating profile and NOT receive a dick pic or two. We’re kinda used to that and think, “Meh, oh look, another one!” whenever a photo of some dude’s penis shows up. But it was quite creepy when a guy kept sending me photos of his phallus with my printed-out photos in the background,” Svetlana, 29.

For some reason, guys tend to think that they can find a Ukraine wife by sending unsolicited dick pics without even introducing themselves. Remember: size does NOT matter, and regardless of your penis size, photos of your phallus are never a good way to start a conversation.

Never ask for weird photos

Charmdate reivew,Ukraine girls looking for husband

“Several months ago, I chatted with a guy and the conversation was going pretty smooth. I really liked the guy and he liked me back. We even did a couple of CamShare sessions on CharmDate. But I felt weird when all of a sudden he asked me to send a photo of my feet. I mean, I get it, you have a foot fetish, but, erm… Seriously? Obviously, that guy never heard back from me,” Olya, 19.

A fetish is quite common, but in no way does it mean that asking a girl to send a weird photo before getting to know one another will be OK for all Russian and Odessa girls. If you truly want to online date Ukraine girls and not be rejected, wait until you have gotten to know each other better before asking to send intimate pics.

Never joke about ethnicity or nationality

“I get it, there are many jokes about Russian and Ukrainian people out there, but it never turns me on hearing a guy joke about vodka, balalaika, or Yeltsin when I’m chatting on Ukraine dating websites in the hope of finding a good and loving husband,” Alina, 28.

Jokes about ethnicity, nationality, race, national origin, and skin color are never a good way to strike a conversation with a girl (or anyone else, for that matter). For many Ukraine girls looking for husband online, these jokes can be insulting and offensive.

Never stare at her boobs on a first date

“I went on a date with this guy from CharmDate after many months of chatting online, but he kept staring at my boobs throughout the date. He literally couldn’t take his eyes off my chest throughout the entire evening. I know that I have rather large breasts, but those big boobs is not the only thing that I have. I’m not some doll you can stare at, I have a personality, too. As you may have guessed, I left the restaurant and never responded to his texts. I’m really hoping that he learned his lesson,” Anna, 24.

Don’t stare at your date’s boobs too much. Chances are, she also have gorgeous, big eyes and a beautiful lips. 😉 Just kidding, you should lead a proper conversation than only focusing on her physical parts.

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