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Charmdate Review: Dating Tips to Learn from Game of Thrones

The winter is coming. It’s not just a quote from Game of Thrones. It’s actually a true fact.

It already September, the season of cuddling, hot chocolate and wrapping blankets around those you care about.

Game of Thrones Season 7 finale left many questions unanswered (SPOILER ALERT!) – like, when will Jon Snow learn that he’s actually a Targaryen? – but that’s not the only legacy of the hit HBO series.

Game of Thrones has been a global craze for the past seven years. Ask Russian girls on line in a chat – they are all watching it!

The HBO show didn’t educate us only about dragons, White Walkers and… incest, but also gave us valuable dating tips.

Here today, as we eagerly wait for Game of Thrones Season 8 release date, we have put together fantasy-tested dating tips that we’ve learned from the hit show.

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Offer Help, Don’t Criticize

Jon Snow knows it better than anyone else… or… does he?

If you keep bashing and criticizing your significant other and keep reminding them of their mistakes and flaws, do keep in mind that it can hurt their feelings. Instead, offer them your help.

Don’t Manipulate Your Lover

If you fall in love with Russian beauty girl, never use that love to manipulate. Although it may seem that all single Russian girls are doing this in order to get what they want, manipulation can ruin your relationship.

All that blaming, finger-pointing and manipulation games – in between incest sex – look what it did to Jaime Lannister and Cersei.

Don’t Force Yourself into a Relationship

Even if it’s an arranged relationship to bring two kingdoms together and all of your relatives want you to do get engaged, never force yourself into a relationship.

If you don’t enjoy the company of that Russian beauty girl, you should instead find other Russian women for chat.

…or you might end up getting poisoned in the end.

Don’t Think You’ll Never Fall in Love

Khal Drogo, the brutal and cruel warrior, once thought so, too. And guess what happened to him? He met Daenerys Targaryen and married her.

Just because you haven’t meet Russian women for marriage yet, doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be forever alone. Keep trying to date Russian singles!

Don’t Gossip About Your Lover

There are plenty of people like Lord Varys – and his “little birds” – that spread gossip and rumors.

Never gossip about your significant other or complain about him/her, as you never know who might be a Lord Varys in your social circle.

Know Who You’re Dating

Theon Greyjoy, who got his (SPOILER ALERT!) crown-worthy stick brutally cut off by the sadistic Ramsay Bolton/Snow, made this mistake once.

Greyjoy wanted to seduce Yara into having sex with him, without realizing that she was his sister. So before you start dating any Russian women, it’s never a bad thing to do a background check on who that girl is.

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Be Happy, But Humble

All Russian young women like to use the phrase “happiness loves silence” a lot. It means that if you’re happy, you shouldn’t be shouting from the rooftops about it.

Instead of telling anybody that you’re happy, just share that happiness with your significant other and be humble about it.

Otherwise, your happiness may be taken away from you – remember when Walder Frey took everything, including life, away from Robb and Talisa Stark during Red Wedding?

Don’t be Afraid to Give into Passion

Don’t be afraid to give into passion, that’s what we’ve learned from Game of Thrones Season 7 – specifically, from Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

If you’re feeling the urge to get intimate with the person you like, don’t be afraid to give into passion and kiss that person!

If the passion is mutual, you can get undressed, just like Jon and Khaleesi did on their voyage North in the season finale.

Note: make sure that person is not related to you by blood, because Jon might regret his decision when he finds out that Daenerys is his aunt. Oops.

It Can Work Out Even If You’re Different

Another dating advice from Jon Snow, the notorious lover of Game of Thrones. Even if the two of you have absolutely nothing in common – like Jon and Ygritte – it doesn’t necessarily mean that things won’t work out between you.

There are plenty of gorgeous Russian women looking for older men – and keep in mind that love knows no boundaries.

Don’t be Afraid to Confess Your Love

If you love someone, you keep hanging around in their life just to look after them and you’re afraid to confess your love – you sure sound like Ser Jorah Mormont.

You surely know Jorah’s pain, as this man had kept his feelings for Daenerys hidden for six seasons before he finally told her that he loves her.

Although things didn’t work out between them – he must’ve confessed a little earlier – it’s worth confessing your love ASAP, or someone else may steal that person from you!

‘Love Forever and After’ Exists

Just look at Ned and Catelyn Stark (back when they were alive on Game of Thrones, of course) – they were genuinely in love with one another.

What’s even more rare, they shared mutual respect for one another, which was probably the secret behind their eternal love forever and after.

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