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Charmdate Review: Ditch These 5 Stereotypes About Sexy Russian Babes If You Want To Have a Russian Wife

You may be surprised to read this, but about half of all foreign men who look for sexy Russian babes on online dating sites are misled by stereotypes about Russian wives.

There are hundreds of myths and stereotypes about sexy Russian girls. Some of them have a certain degree of truthfulness to them, while others are completely false. Unfortunately, in the average foreign man’s perception, Russian women features are:

  • Cooking all day (and night) long;
  • Being obedient and docile;
  • Drooling over a man’s big wallet;
  • Never smiling;
  • Drinking vodka for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and
  • Agreeing to do all kinds of naughty things in exchange for a green card.

Sexy Russian BabesNow, don’t get me wrong. There are still many sexy Russian girls who exhibit one or two of the above-mentioned characteristics, but the vast majority of real Russian girls – the ones who can be easily found on dating sites – are nothing like that.

Modern Russian women are an understudied and rare species. Only a few men know the right way to approach to a beautiful Russian blonde or brunette. And today, you are going to help you join the ranks of men who know how to approach Russian women the right way without getting a slap in the face for believing in stereotypes.

Here’s your stereotype-free guide on how to date sexy Russian babes (you can thank us later!):

  1. sexy Russian girlsJust because a Russian woman is beautiful, it does not automatically mean that she’s a gold digger. There’s this wide-spread stereotype that all beautiful Russian women care only about money and luxury lifestyle. To disprove this theory by yourself, browse through sexy Russian girls pictures on online dating websites, find the most beautiful girl, and chat for a few days or even weeks, and you’ll notice that the question, “How much money do you have?” never pops up.
  2. Despite what you might have heard about gender roles in Russia, the clichéd imaged of a Russian woman staying home and cooking dinner for her husband while her husband works hard and bring home the dough is just as archaic and untrue as it is in the rest of Europe and the U.S. In fact, a 201Reuters study showed that Russia has the highest number of female business leaders in the world. How about that?
  3. A common stereotype about Russian women personality is that sexy Russian girls will put up with and tolerate any behavior of their suitor, boyfriend or husband. There’s an old saying in Russia that goes like this, “If a man beats you, it means he loves you,” and, fortunately, only small percentage of Russian women actually believe in this bizarre saying. Rather, Russian women fall for guys who treat them with respect.
  4. Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t necessarily need to be from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany or any other “first-world” country to attract Russian women. A Russian girl who’s truly looking for a passionate relationship with a loving partner will not care about getting a green card. If it does come as a perk of dating you, she won’t say no, obviously, but this isn’t a first-priority feature when it comes to finding a husband on dating sites.
  5. Another common myth about Russian women – and Russian people in general – is that they never smile. While it is true that real Russian girls are less likely to smile for no reason while commuting to or from work compared to American or European women, in no way does it mean that Russians never You can easily disprove this myth by doing a live chat Russia with a Russian lady via a webcam. Make it a challenge: count how many times she smiles throughout the video chat!

This is only a small portion of stereotypes about Russian women. Don’t let these stereotypes ruin your relationship with a Russian girl. Get real.

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