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Charmdate Review: Feel down in autumn? Ways to fight September blues

September is the beginning of Autumn, when the nights start to get longer, leaves start to fall and the weather gets colder. Russia is already getting extremely chill especially in early morning and night. Maybe you think it’s awesome to finally get rid of summer heat and it’s the high time to stay at home,  cuddle in your warm blanket with your lovely Russian brides and drink hot chocolate. But do you really feel good? Statistics from a Russia dating Online site shows that many people feel down and depressed in the beginning of autumn.

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Do you suddenly feel stressed and exhausted for no reason? In summer most time you are happy and active, you go out, meet friends and go travelling. You are full of energy. However when it’s September you don’t have intention to do anything. Everything around you seem dull and meaningless. The only thing you want to spend your time on is sitting there searching for how to find Russian wife and watching beautiful Russian ladies photos. Even though you know there are many nice Russian girls out there. If you are more or less like this, it is seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a condition that makes people feel down and bring low mood in autumn and winter time.

A study proved that the seasonal affective disorder is caused by many factors such as colder temperature, less light and change of routines. How to fight September blues?

1.Sleep enough

By sleeping enough we don’t mean that you can sleep for the whole weekend. Sleep on time or even earlier, and get up on time. Researches say that people in lack of sleep tend to be more depressed or in less control of their emotions.

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2.Spend more time outdoors

In autumn and winter there’s much less sunshine than summer. The sudden change will affect the dopamine level in our bodies which cause mood swings, we seem can never feel happy again, even when you see a lot Russian babes around you. Exploring yourself in sun will make this situation better.

3.Catch up with friends

Instead of staying home searching how to meet Russian brides you should start looking for Russian bride. I’m not kidding. The more depressed you feel the less you want to connect with people even though you really desire some connection. Many Russian mature brides say that they don’t like men turning hot to cold or the other way around. The consistent presence is what they want. So why not be the one? It’s prefect time for you to catch up with your friends, send them a message and chat a little bit, maybe you will get yourself a date in the end of this week!

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