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Charmdate Review: First Things Russian Brides Notice in a Man

To get Russian brides interested in you, as a man, you do not have to go to extreme lengths and try to present yourself as a model or pretend that you are a wealthy person. You do not have to change your personal style or your identity to impress Russian women. Wait for the right moment and create simple opportunities of making the contact and introducing yourself. It is the first impression that counts and make that impression last permanently.

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You have to remember that when you are dating Russian girls, they will try and notice few things first before agreeing to date you. These are the first things that women notice in men before deciding to date them –

Your face makes the first impression

When you want to meet Russian women, you have to get them to notice your face first. If your face projects a congenial personality, it indicates that you take care of your body as well as your mind. You do not require an ultra handsome face to impress single Russian girls. You do not have to be born with face that resembles a Hollywood film star. You simply need excellent grooming habits. You want the ladies to know that you look after your face and that you maintain your facial hair, if you have any. A beard that is full-grown or short stubble is acceptable to women as long as it looks neat on your face. Women generally prefer a clean-shaven face. You have to make sure that there are no red marks that plague your face or show signs of any post-shave bumps.

Your smile is the next most impressive thing for girls from Russia

A smile that can captivate women is perhaps your biggest asset that you carry. It is equivalent of a `welcome’ sign board that you can wave in the direction of a woman, from afar. You can arm your smile with an appropriate eye contact and a posture that exudes confidence. These are unquestionable factors that can put you on a roll when it comes to making an impression on Russian brides for marriage.

What you wear is important

It is important to stack your wardrobe with things that suit you and your personality. Clothes are the essential components that make you dress well. When you go shopping for your clothes, you have to pick those that send out messages which are positive. Clothes have to represent your status in life, your personality and the kind of lifestyle you lead. Hot Russian chicksthat are looking for dating partners, to settle down in a long term relationship, are generally attracted to men who dress in a mature way and whose clothes project a well-to-do status in life.

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Body outline can speak a lot about you

Your silhouette and the type of clothing you wear will attract women on a Russian online chat.Russian women are drawn particularly to a masculine silhouette, one that projects a lean torso or a chest which is built up with strong shoulders. When you post your profile picture on Russian chat sites, you will have to make your silhouette up by putting on a perfect cut of a jacket while avoiding extreme fits or tapers when it is concerning trousers. Skinny jeans do not look impressive. It is better to go for the straight-leg kinds or the slim-fit ones.

Your manners and the way you greet people are important

After you have browsed through sexy Russian girls pics, it is time to impress them by greeting them well and displaying good manners. It is important to develop a decent sense of humour as it gives Russian women a fair idea of your general attitude in life. You have to arm yourself with good puns, optimism and wittiness as against use of cheap humour, sarcasm or crude jokes. The bottom line is that you should come across as a `nice guy’.

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