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Charmdate Review: How Online Dating Can Solve The Problem Of Dating Russian Women In The Summer

Summer is the perfect season for dating, or so it seems, especially for Russian women who have to put up with Siberia-cold, freezing temperatures in the winter, and undateably low temperatures in the first two months of spring and last two months of fall.

But here’s the deal: humans have gotten very bad and lousy at igniting long-term committed relationships in the summer. And while the number of active visitors on popular dating sites all across the world is booming during the summer months – everyone wants to hook up, yeah – real-life dating goes into a 3-month-long sleep until all the summer parties and festivals go quiet and all bars and nightclubs run out of their cool alcohol drinks meant to be consumed during the summer.

Charmdate Review,Russian military women

Don’t get me wrong – summer is still the perfect season for casual flings and short-term hook ups. But we never seem to hear love stories that kicked off in the summer. And there are several reasons why it’s never a good idea to start a long-term relationship in the summer when you’re trying to meet Russian babes offline.

Lack of clothes and… sweat

Although it seems that the lack of clothes and the overly exposed body parts in the summer are the perfect recipe for falling in love, let’s not forget why we tend to strip yourselves of our clothing in the summer in the first place. Because it’s freaking hot and sweating won’t do us no justice if we want to pair up with someone. Sweating might be one of the factors preventing us from falling in love with someone (“How can I allow him to love me when he saw be sweating like crazy?” many pretty Russian women think).

Yet, sweating doesn’t seem to get in our way of hooking up with someone for a one-night stand or short-term fling, as those exposed body parts never go unnoticed and are always too tempting.

Empty cities in the summer

If you live in a metropolis that has no ocean nearby, chances are your city becomes a ghost town during the summer months, especially on weekends. There are two words to explain this phenomenon: summer travel.

Summer travel kills summer dating for a variety of reasons, but the most obvious are: exhausting flights, time and planning, family vacations, invitations to weddings, and empty cities on weekends. There’s just no one you could go out with on a Friday night, because all the hottest Russian women in town have left to visit their family in Russia, which brings us to…

charmdate review,pretty Russian women,

Online dating as the savior of your love life in the summer

You might be wondering by now, “Oh no, there’s no way I’m going to find the Russian lady for a long-term relationship in the summer, my heart is broken!” Wait a second, we’ve got you covered.

There’s the perfect solution: Russian online dating. With online dating, it always comes down to your choice: to get into a long-term relationship or hook up with the Russian women are you chatting with. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if your city is empty during the summer months, as online dating sites are never empty regardless of your current location. There is always someone you can find to chat and go out with. More importantly, you can videochat Russian women while your room is being air conditioned so she doesn’t see you sweating because it’s freaking hot and, well, she’s freaking hot, too, so you’re sweating from being nervous.

In fact, Russian military women and ordinary Russian girls tend to have the time of their lives in the summer months, because they know that summer is a short-lived and fleeting thing. When the winter comes, it’s not going to be fun and boring all over again. And while you may begin chatting with Russian babes in the summer, these few months until fall may be enough to get to know each other, fall in love, and get things moving in September, October, or colder months of the season. Who doesn’t want to have a cute cuddle buddy for the cuffing season, right?

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