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Charmdate Review: How to Make the First Move on Beautiful Russian Women

Making the first move on beautiful Russian women sure takes a lot of guts, because let’s face it, they are really hot. The first move might be about asking for her number, leaning in for a first kiss, asking her on a date or even asking a Russian girl for marriage. You tend to ask yourself so many questions. Questions like do I make the first move? What if she says no? This article would guide you on how to get yourself a Russian beauty.Charmdate Reivew,Russian dating in USA

#1 Find out if she’s into you:  If she leans away whenever you lean in to kiss her, then she is definitely not into you or she is not ready for a kiss at that moment. Either way, you should back off and give her some more time

#2 Don’t put too much thought into it: Of course, you have to put a lot of thought into it, but at the same time, try not to over think it. This is of course hard when dealing with hot Russian chicks, but just go with the flow and seize the opportunity when it comes

#3 Don’t be too fast: Don’t be that guy that must get a kiss after the first date. Study how she seems to feel about you and decide if it is too soon for the next step.

#4 Don’t be too shy: Being face to face with gorgeous Russian girls could leave you a bit shy. A little bit of shyness is cute, but don’t let it stop you from speaking your mind or asking questions, such as asking for her phone number.

#5 Offer her your number: Buy her a drink from across the bar and send the drink along with your number. She just might call. You could also join a Russian women chat group if you don’t want to do the face to face thing at first. These groups are especially useful for people outside Russian, such as Russian dating in USA.

#6 Give lots of compliments: No matter how beautiful a girl is; she still loves to be told she’s beautiful. Compliment her looks, that would endear you to her.

#7 Stay Positive: It is important to remain positive when dealing with a beautiful Russian girl. If the kiss doesn’t work out after the first date, there is always the second and third dates to try.

#8 Have a sense of humour: Everyone likes a bit of humour to spice up a date. Try to make her laugh when you are with her, don’t be too uptight.

#9 Just ask: If you have any questions about making the first move on a Russian beauty, and you just can’t seem to find the answers anywhere else, then just ask her the question yourself. Be respectful and polite and she would definitely respond to you.

Charmdate Reivew,Beautiful Russian Women

#10 Make her feel interesting: Ask her questions and listen to her talk. Try to learn her views on social and political issues if she is the type that loves to talk about such. Let her know you care about more than just her beauty.

#11 Focus on her: Do not admire or compliment every other passing girl while you are with her. That is such a turn off. There are a lot of gorgeous Russian girls but it is usually nice to focus on one at a time.

#12 Don’t assume: Do not assume she likes a particular thing just because she is a girl. Everyone has different tastes.

#13 Go with the flow: Don’t force things, give her time to develop feelings for you.

#14 Don’t tell lies: Do not tell lies about yourself just to impress a girl. Dishonesty is such a turn off for many girls. She would still get to know you anyway if things work out, so come out straight from the start.

#15 Show her you are intelligent: No one wants a dumb guy. Asides romance, try to tell her your views on other life issues and show her the intelligent part of you.

#16 Be romantic: Remember her favourite flower or favourite drink and surprise her with these every once in a while.

#17 Send random text messages: Send her a text in the middle of the day asking how she’s doing. You can also squeeze in a random question such as, ‘OK if we hang out at my crib tonight?’. You can also join a Russian women dating site if you are the type who loves to text.

#18 Ask about her job: Get to know other things about her, such as details of what she does for a living. This would definitely bring you guys closer enough for you to make your move.

#19 Be nice to her friends: If you are nice to her friends, they might tell you exactly how to approach their friend, making your work a lot easier. They might even help you with tips on how to marry a Russian girl.

#20 Let her tell you when she’s ready: Sometimes a girl is just not ready for any romantic links. If you try to make the first move and do not succeed, leave the options open for her to try again when she’s ready.

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