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Charmdate Review: INTJ Russian Women–Here’s How to Date 21st Century’s Most Challenging Girl

Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Judgment (J). If you know what these four letters mean in Russian women– you’ve probably read the publications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (or are simply familiar with its concepts given all the hype about it).

Only 4 in 500 women are INTJs, which makes them the rarest type of girl to come by. So statistically speaking, only a handful of people have actually figured out the way to win over INTJ women.

Dating an INTJ can feel like dating a unicorn. While its mystique certainly excites and attracts you, you have no idea how to melt her heart or make her yours.

Fun fact: Russian women are more likely to be INTJ due to their traditional mindset that makes them rational, strategic and independent.

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So how do you date INTJ nice Russian women? If you’ve met such a Russian woman bride on an Russian dating site but are clueless about what to do next and how to approach her, here’s what you should to.

If you want to date an INTJ woman, you have to think like one! These are the most common traits of an INTJ woman:

Romance-wise, they’re different

If you have a long list of ex-girlfriends and you feel like you know how every woman thinks, scratch that if you meet an INTJ girl on a Russian singles dating site.

INTJ women can be quite unpredictable in dating and they usually treat romance as their another opportunity to study both herself and her partner.

The habit of studying and over-analyzing people can feel like an obstacle to a normal person who’s just trying to dive into a relationship and fall in love. But for INTJ women, over-analyzing stuff is their second nature.

They think everything through and plan in advance

Do you get a Russian bride who is INTJ and you want to surprise her by booking a restaurant reservation for Friday night? Don’t bother, because the chances are that she already got your entire Friday night planned.

In a nutshell, INTJ women think things through a lot. So when an INTJ woman agrees to become your girlfriend, be sure that she has spent at least a few sleepless nights weighing all pros and cons of that decision.

You’re predictable to them

The thing about dating an INTJ woman is that she knows you better than you do, or else she wouldn’t agree to be with you in the first place.

Before she agrees to become someone’s girlfriend, an INTJ woman always makes sure the guy she is dating won’t betray her, dump her, use her, cheat on her (and other breakup-causing verbs).

If you’re okay with being someone’s guinea pig, then you’re prepared for a relationship with an INTJ best Russian bride (don’t worry, your organs will be left unharmed as far as we’re concerned).

In a nutshell, all of your emotions, motivations, responses and reactions will be studied thoroughly in a romance with an INTJ girl. And she will most likely use a toothpick to go through all of your brains just to find out what you’re like.

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They love to be left alone

It’s healthy to enjoy some time away from your partner every once in a while, but INTJ women tend to love their alone time more than other people.

They find it hard to think and analyze things when someone is around all the time, that’s why an INTJ girl will always take comfort in the time spent away from you.

They don’t want you to hold back

If you’re looking for an INTJ wife on Russian wife dating site, you can start practicing your skills at being honest.

The thing about dating INTJ women is that they want to know your opinion without any sugarcoating. So if she’s asking you if a dress fits her well (and she knows that the dress looks terrible on her), you’d be better off saying that she should try another dress.

Or if she is showing you a hot Russian photo and asks you if you find that girl attractive, you may want to state the obvious and say that the girl is indeed beautiful.

They are not very emotional

INTJ women are not going to cry even during the saddest movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio or overreact when you do something wrong. Every INTJ girl knows that emotions can’t be trusted and they can overcloud your thinking.

Instead, she’ll analyze everything a little later and make her conclusions.

They love to play mind games

Women generally like to play mind games with their boyfriends or husbands, but it’s even more prevailing among INTJ women.

Although most INTJ don’t have a tendency to manifest manipulative behavior with their loved ones, they take pride in their psychological dominance in a relationship.

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