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Charmdate Review: Is a woman in Russian dating ready for a relationship and serious about you?

Have you ever watched a woman in Russian movies and imagined her as your partner? Maybe you have signed up on a dating site and have met the woman of your dreams already? There have always been western men interested in the exotic “Russian beauty and this has become even more prevalent over the past decade or so. The internet has made dating women from across the world easier and a lot more common.  More than half of people actually meet online these days.

Okay, so now you have been on a Russian chat site and you have been talking for some time. You think you know her quite well and you really like her. How do you know if your match feels the same way? While dating in Russia is similar in most aspects to the rest of the world, there are some criteria that need to be met before she brings you home to meet the parents.

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While you might really like her and you want to take the next step, you need to find out if your girl feels the same way. How do you know if she is ready to take the next step in the relationship? Remember, there are two people in the relationship. Just because she makes you happy, how can you be sure you do the same for her? It may seem easy to just ask her, but if she says no, that might be the end of the relationship.  There are a lot more subtle signs that your lady might want a deeper relationship.

She tells you directly

This is not a subtle sign. If she has told you outright that she wants your relationship to move to the next level, then there is nothing to stop you proceeding. Most women in Russian dating sites look for committed relationships, this is different from random women you meet on Tinder. If she has said that she really likes you or hints at something more, it’s time for you to step up and move things along.

She cares about your feelings

Men are generally taught not to talk about their feelings or show emotion too overtly. If she cares enough to ask how you feel and tries to find your emotional side, then she is probably into you. She asks you how you are and tries to find out what’s wrong and how you are feeling when you are down.  She wants to make you feel better. This is a big clue that she cares.

She tells you about her past

Many people don’t like to talk about their past, especially past relationships. This can be due to all sorts of emotions that come with the memories. If she opens up to you and tells you about the emotional trauma she has been through in the past, then she is likely to care about you a lot. Women don’t make themselves vulnerable to people who mean nothing to them, generally speaking.

She tells you her fears for the future

If she really opens up and tells her all of her deep down fears of being in a relationship with you, it’s probably because she has feelings for you. She wants you to know her hesitation is based on previous experiences and that she does not want you to break her heart again. She would only talk about this if she really likes you.

She wants to spend all her free time with you

Spare time is a commodity that we tend to have very little of these days. If she chooses to spend all her free time talking to you or spending time with you it means you are a priority in her life. If she goes out of her way to make time for you even if her schedule is very busy, then she definitely likes you a lot.

Conversations are open and honest

If you find she really listens to you when you talk and considers her replies, she likes you. She will really focus on what you are saying and not be looking around or just be waiting to have her say.  She will ask your opinions, because they actually matter to her.  She will also be open and honest with you. She trusts you and wants to earn your trust as well, so she will say what she feels and not placate you with common courtesy instead. Russian girls for marriage are straight forward, they don’t want to waste time on some men who are not compatible.

She flirts and teases

If you are together and she touches your arm, wipes a crumb off your lip or otherwise touches you seemingly innocently, she likes you. It doesn’t mean that you get to be too touchy with her unless she lets you know it is welcome. Russian girls video chat is also where she may also flirt and tease you. This can be to show she likes you without being too direct about it.

She really sees you

She may glance around at other people but when she looks at you, you know she really sees you. She will maintain eye contact and you will feel the force of her full attention. She will notice things other people don’t and will be able to guess how you are feeling often without you having to say a thing.

She remembers

She knows when your birthday is. She knows what you like to eat. She remembers your favorite color and the music you like to listen to. When she really likes you, she will remember small’s things that are not as important to someone who isn’t all that interested.

Family matters

Women in Russian households put family first.  Family is extremely important. If she wants to meet your family or invites you to meet hers, then you know she really likes you. If she wants to know your roots and meet the people who brought you up, it’s because she wants to know more about your background. If she wants you to meet her family, she is proud of you and wants to show you off.  This is also the first step to asking her family to marry her; if that is the route you are looking to go in.

Russian women images can be very alluring and you can spend hours looking at her photos or chatting to her online, but you need to meet her to take it to the next step. In Russian households, women are the home-makers and are expected to bear children and run their homes from a much younger age than the more career orientated Western girls, so they may be more inclined towards marriage and a long term commitment. It may be easy to meet Russian singles online, but you might want to make sure she is genuinely interested before you book a plane ticket to go and meet the family. The above might help you know if she is really interested before you pop the question.

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