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Charmdate Review: Male Habits That Russian Girls Find Super Annoying

Nope, it’s not about scratching your manhood, neglecting hygiene or farting (though these would definitely top any list of common male habits that Russian girls find super annoying).

Instead of talking about the obvious (like the ones above), let’s discuss what online habits are so annoying that they make even the hottest Russian women want to punch guys in the face!

Most guys don’t realize that their online behavior is annoying, girly, childish or otherwise unattractive to Russian ladies unless someone actually points it out to them.

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And since most girls are polite and would rather dump you or ignore you instead of telling you with of your habits are irritating and frustrating, we’ll help you out.

If you have no luck in scoring a date with a single Russian woman of your dreams, you may want to make sure that your online behavior doesn’t include any of the following annoying male habits.

Fooling around when a woman is being serious

Okay, guys. You take the “ladies love men with a sense of humor” thing way too far.

When sexy Russian ladies are frustrated with something or are trying to have a serious conversation with you, you may want to avoid cracking stupid jokes every 5 seconds.

Joking in a Russian chat online is a bullet-proof way to get the conversation going unless a girl starts asking you serious questions that demanding serious answers. You do want to be taken seriously, don’t you?

Not bothering to ask her about how she is

Here the thing about sexy young Russian girls: they want to understand that you care and think about her. Every day.

If you’re in a chat with hot Russian ladies, it would be a good idea to ask her questions at any given opportunity. Also, not asking “How was your day?” is a major turn off for women if you only chat in the evening after work and studies.

Show her that you actually care about her personality and interests. Not doing so is quite annoying.

Shoving your opinion up her throat

If you’re looking for Russian ladies for marriage, you may want to avoid such phrases on your online dating profile as “I don’t find it attractive when girls…” or “I think women are NOT hot when they…” Or “I hope fat chicks don’t message me, haha” (and similar opinionated phrases nobody really gives a crap about).

Or worse – something along the lines of “I’m looking for a woman who would cook for me”

Okay, first of all, nobody cares about your opinion (it’s the Internet, deal with it). Second of all, these types of phrases are considered rude and sexist by women. So you may want to have your negative opinions tucked away from the online dating world (for your own sake).

Best-case scenario, the hottest Russian women will ignore you. Worst-case scenario, you will be trolled online by a squad of angry, annoyed Russian ladies (that’s not fun).

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Being the ‘I’m bored’ dude

Only women get to pull out the “I’m bored” card to go all-in and initiate a conversation. When a guy does it, not only does it look pathetic, but also quite annoying.

If you let a single Russian woman know that you’re messaging her just because you’re bored, you got your eggs in a vanishing basket. Meaning: don’t expect her to be overly excited to chat with you! And why would she?!

If you initiate a chat with Russian girls, it has to be a for a good reason.

Like, because you can’t stop thinking about her so you want to chat, and you’re curious about how she’s doing, and you want to be finding out new things about her 24/7. That, my friend, is NOT annoying.

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