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Charmdate Review: Misconceptions About Love Guys Need to Ditch When Dating Hot Russian Women

The hit song from the 90s “What Is Love?” by Haddaway has been around for nearly three decades, and it still appears on radio station to this very day – not only because it’s a super catchy song, but also because many people across the world cannot find the answer to the key question in this song.

In fact, people have been trying to figure the meaning of love and the concept of the feeling of being in love with someone since the dawn of time. This is especially true for guys who feel excited about the idea of dating hot Russian women.

Hot Russian Women

Don’t get us wrong. We aren’t trying to say that love is a confusing thing only in Russian dating. No. Guys seem to struggle with finding the meaning of love and tend to have a wrong idea about love regardless of their country of origin, nationality, and the nationality and country of origin of the woman they are dating (or are married to).

For some guys out there, love is all about making love to a girl they have strong feeling for. For others, love means traveling around the world together. And for other guys, love is all about creating a family together.

Since all guys have different idea of what love is, it created many misconceptions about love. And, unsurprisingly, these misconceptions make it much harder to date Ukraina girls.

So today, we are going to outline the most common misconceptions about love that many guys have.  

‘Love at first sight exists’

This misconception must be one of the most widespread myths about love. What many guys trying to find a Russian bride do not realize is that love isn’t something that develops out of nowhere in a matter of few seconds, nor is something that manifests quickly.

Russian dating

It takes quite some time to realize that you actually love someone. Yes, it may be super easy to have a crush on the most beautiful Russian girl from the moment you see her, but that feeling isn’t love. In reality, that’s just the sexual attraction and affection that has overwhelmed your mind (not heart).

So don’t rush into saying “I love you.” Stick around for a bit to make sure that what you’re feeling to this girl is really love. This is especially important if you have Russian live chat with a girl that you like.

It might send her the wrong signal if you start professing your love in a matter of few days or weeks. Don’t scare her off, because saying “I love you” too soon can make her think that you’re a bit unbalanced (or weird). Either way, give it some time and continue chatting with the girl to explore your own feelings a bit more.

‘Love is all about sexual attraction’

Unfortunately, a disturbingly large percentage of men can easily confuse love with sexual attraction. And this isn’t some kind of myth. That’s no wonder why many single women dating tend to have doubts about the guy’s feelings when he says “I love you” too early in their relationship.

There’s no denying that sexual attraction is an incredibly powerful feeling itself, but it has little to do with love. Just because you feel the urge to profess your love to the girl you have just had sex with doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually love her. Let’s not forget the scientific fact that sex is like a drug, which can affect the way you think and the way you process your feelings and actions.

So if you’ve recently met a Russian woman on an online dating for singles, and if the only time you feel like you’re falling in love is during sex, you might want to give this relationship a little more time to be able to sort out your feelings.

‘You love this girl if you want to possess or control her’

Wrong, wrong, wrong, and again – terribly wrong! One of the many Ukrainian women characteristics is their desire for freedom and independence. So when some guy shows up in their life and starts telling them what to do, what to say, and how to behave, it’s understandable that most girls will reject that guy due to his possessive or controlling behavior.

Loving someone doesn’t give you the right to possess or control that person. Being in love with someone doesn’t turn that someone into your toy or pet. You need to respect one another’s boundaries and privacy. In fact, if you truly love a woman, then you should have a lot of respect for her, which also translates to respecting her choices, thoughts, and actions.

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