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Charmdate Review: Not-to-Miss: Meet the Top 3 Favorite Russian Women on CharmDate

As one of the most followed online dating platforms out there, CharmDate gives you the chance to meet and date women from all around the world. It is a portal for meeting some of the most beautiful Russian women, many of whom are not only beautiful but are also talented.

Consider CharmDate one of the most genuine Russian dating sites where you can find the perfect package. Just one look through a hot Russian girls gallery will have you changing your mind about why you hesitated to go online dating in the first place.

Speaking of first place, do you have any clue as to the Russian singles who garnered “most favorite” on their CharmDate profile? If you’re clueless on the top picks who made the strongest impressions based on their profiles, then now’s the time to explore their portfolio of likes, interests, and accomplishments.

So, without further ado, here are CharmDate’s Most Wanted Russian ladies who lead everyone’s list:

#1 – Blond and beautiful in blue…that’s NATALIYA!

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To prove to you that Russian girls are the most beautiful, there’s NATALIYA whose heart’s desire is for someone to show her care, attention, and tenderness. More of the easy-going type, the guy she looks forward to meeting is someone who knows how to love, respect, and understand. Simply echoing what most men want in a relationship themselves, she’s only being true to herself and to her kids from a previous marriage.

The coolest divorcee you’ll find when you’re dating Russian women, NATALIYA admits to drinking socially but does not smoke at all. If you enjoy hobbies such cooking, dining out, dancing, traveling, playing chess, and reading, then these are common interests with which you can spend the rest of your moments together.

#2 – Ready to catch up with the sexy, sporty side of MARY?

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Search far and wide and you’ll find Russian girlfriend material in no other than MARY. Surprise, surprise, because she’s someone who wants to get to know you for real! Although she knows that she can have someone to talk with or play with and to watch what she does online, this doesn’t sum up what she wants in a fella. For real, what Mary wants is a relationship for good with her special someone.

From good, it only gets even better. Never been married, MARY’s that type of Russian woman who is respectful of people, comfortable around pets, and does not smoke or drink.  As a composer and producer, she is a Bachelor’s degree holder who’s into music, dancing, reading, watching movies, and visiting exhibits. Sports-wise, she’ll also meet up to the challenge of skiing, biking, swimming, hiking, and so much more.

#3 – She’s a real head-turner, this girl named Ekaterina

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Far from being your typical Russian woman, EKATERINA describes herself as a very unique lady. Brought up well and raised with family values, nothing makes her happier than seeing her loved ones, particularly her family, happy and healthy. Well, things are looking up for you because she could love you like that, too! Just keep your promises and remain sincere.

When the holidays come and the family gathers and celebrates together, this is something she absolutely adores. If you’re into the likes of EKATERINA who enjoys cooking, reading, dancing, watching movies, and engaging in outdoor activities, then she’s the type of certified-single girl you’d be delighted to start a relationship with.

Remember: If these girls look drop-dead gorgeous in their hot Russian pics, then imagine what a knockout they’d be in their Russian girl videos! Not to miss, the only way to find out is to check out their profile on CharmDate and pay them a visit.

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