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Charmdate Review: Russia dating–Behaviors Your Girlfriend Counts as Cheating

 Russia dating sites have compiled evidence based on individual responses which suggest that fidelity is not black and white.  Rather, there is a spectrum from which different people will perceive your actions in different ways.  Whilst some Russian girls might consider some of your actions cheating others might not.  It’s important to talk openly about these issues in order to set the boundaries of loyalty that you both understand and feel comfortable with.  This article considers some behaviors that might be considered cheating depending on your girlfriend’s opinion.

Charmdate Review,Russian dating

You talk with other women online

74% of Russian girls agreed that this type of behavior was cheating.  By using a Russian live chat forum or browsing through chat roulette, Russian girls will generally view this as infidelity.  If you find yourself on Russian girls chat websites whilst your girlfriend is busy then you should probably consider why you’re craving the attention of other women.  In a happy and healthy relationship, the attention of your girlfriend should be enough to satisfy you socially.

You watch a lot of pornography

68% of women agreed that doing things like using a Russian video site to satisfy your sexual urges is a blatant sign of cheating.  It shows a lack of self-control and respect for your partner.  It can hugely damage their self-esteem and make them feel unattractive.  One of the main groups of women who did not believe this was cheating, however, were Russian military women. These girls can be away for long periods of time on service.  When this is the case, most felt as if they would prefer their boyfriends to watch videos online than actually commit a physical act of infidelity.

You fantasies about being with other women

99% of women agreed that this was the very worst type of cheating short of actually performing physical acts.  Some girlfriends caught their partners checking online for   and immediately dumped them.  It is known that so many men have actually looked into the possibility of getting a Russian Charmdate Review,Russian live chatmail bride. Russian women are polite, gentle feminine and loyal. But Russian women also want their partners to be loyal. And the standard of loyalty in Russian dating culture might be very different. Fantasizing about being other women can possibly be considered as emotional cheating. Think twice before doing it.

You go out for dinner with another woman

37% of women viewed this type of behavior as cheating.  However, those that didn’t suggest that this was more of a problem with the girl than the actions of the boy in Russian dating.  Not allowing your partner to see people of the opposite sex is possessive and usually an indication of jealousy brought on through insecurity. Luckily most Russian girls feel confident and secure. If you really love your girlfriend but simply enjoy hanging out with other female friends in a platonic way, then there really shouldn’t be a problem with this. If your girlfriend views this as cheating, then it’s definitely worth having a conversation in order to reassure her that she will always be special, and your social life is literally that: being sociable.

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