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Charmdate review: Russian girls hate bad grammar, especially via online text messages

Even if you’re just chatting with a Russian girl on an online dating site, it is so important that you use good grammar.  Bad grammar means your chances of having an online meeting, or even sex, are pretty low.  Russian girls like a man who can engage in good conversation. They like a men who uses commas and full stops and if you are on a Russian dating app you probably know this already.

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Russian girls love to be flattered.  Tell them they are beautiful, because actually there are tons of beautiful Russian girls online, but tell them with good English!  Don’t use slang when you are talking to Russian girls online.  They may not understand the slang but also, remember, they love good grammar.

Good grammar is often the difference between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no.’ Good grammar could be the deal breaker.  Surveys have been done about dating turn on and turnoffs and most Russian girls (almost 60%) say they deleted a potential partner off their dating app because of bad grammar.  It may sound insane but it is true.  Similar surveys have been done with American women and British women – the results all show that they do not like bad grammar.

If you are on a Russian dating app or a Russian webchat, there are a few things you should be aware of.  Put up a decent photograph of yourself. Be honest on your bio about what you are looking for and who you are.  And if you want to impress the pretty Russian, r if you want to impress the old Russian lady, use good grammar.  Don’t forget to use punctuation and spell impeccably because those things impress.

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It’s also a good idea to note the age of the Russian girl that you want to be with. If she is young, she may be okay with you using abbreviations, such as ‘hiya’ or ‘’sup?’  But if you are chatting an an old Russian lady, she may not appreciate a ‘hiya.’  Be aware of the age of the women and what they are looking for.  Some Russian girls are looking for a serious relationship.  If you are looking for something more casual, chat to a different Russian girl.

Russian dating apps are really worth downloading.  You will see how many beautiful Russian girls there are online, and also start realizing why Russian women so beautiful are.  Russian girls are exotic and they have a charm that is really different to the American or English girl.  Russian girls are sensuous and alluring.  They love to have a good conversation, especially if they are looking for a serious relationship, but they are also fun and flirtatious.  If you go on to a Russian web chat you will be able to meet women from different Russian backgrounds, of different ages, and with different characteristics.  There are young women, older women, blonde or brunette women, some women just looking for fun and others looking for something more intimate.

Online dating is fabulous. It’s the best way to meet people these days, from all over the world. If you are in the USA, you can meet women from everywhere – Russian girls, English girls, South African girls.  Just remember a few things if you want online dating to work for you – spell properly!  Make sure your grammar is good, always be polite, be engaging, and don’t use slang. On Russian web chats you get to meet exotic and beautiful Russian women.  If you want the conversation to go a little further than just ‘hello’ then remembers to use your best grammar!


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