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Charmdate Review:Russian Girls Reveal the 3 Surprising Reasons Why Jealousy is Destroying Your Relationship

Let’s face it: Russian girls attract a whole lot of male attention.

In fact, just let go of your Russian girlfriend’s hand in public and let her walk just three feet away from you: there will be guys approaching her.

If you really believed in that and you were enraged by the mere thought of it, you may have a jealousy problem.

Jealousy has always been the biggest relationship killer along with cheating. But here’s the deal: a lot of that jealousy is unwarranted.

Let’s get back to the situation above. Let’s say guys keep approaching your girl trying to pick her up. It means she’s gorgeous and all men desire to get her.

But that girl belongs to you. So unless the girl is provoking these guys into flirting with her and unless she’s giving out her phone number like sweets, there’s no big deal if your Russian girlfriend attracts a lot of male attention.

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After all, you need to learn to trust your partner in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

If you let your jealousy take over and take its course, here’s why it may ruin your relationship eventually:

You feel insecure

Feeling insecure is never a good thing, especially when it comes to a romantic relationship with Russian bikini babes.

Your jealousy feeds off that insecurity, as you believe you don’t deserve to have a girl so sweet and gorgeous. Some men also tend to believe that they don’t deserve to be in a happy relationship for some reason, so insecurity and jealousy take over.

If you’re wondering how are Russian girls reacting to this kind of behavior, here’s the answer: if she fell in love with you or agreed to become your girlfriend, it means you’re worthy to be with her.

Tossing and turning in the bed wondering whether or not your black Russian woman is going to cheat on you just a waste of time.

Remember: the more controlling and jealous you become, the bigger the chance that your partner will actually cheat on you when your jealousy becomes unbearable.

There were plenty of men looking for Russian mail order brides on the Russian photo website where you met, and yet she chose YOU (not hundreds of other dudes who kept messaging her on everyday basis).

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Your past breakups get in the way

All of us have had messy breakups, and many of us got cheated on.

For some people who have been cheated on at least ones by their former partners it may be impossible or very difficult to trust the opposite sex.

But look: there are so many Russian women looking for American men and it doesn’t mean each one of them is trying to find a husband just so she could cheat on him.

You need to get out of that “everybody-cheats-so-I-don’t-trust-anybody” mindset before all hottest Russian babes turn their back on you because of your jealousy.

If you have a bad experience with your ex-girlfriends cheating on you, remind yourself that your current girl has done nothing wrong. She doesn’t deserve such treatment. What she does deserve is to be loved, not thrown accusations at.

You think you own your partner

Last time I checked, it’s illegal to own people today. You can’t make someone to be your slave just because she fell in love with you and you fell in love with her.

I’m sure you’ve been looking through a huge Russian babe gallery just to find this particular Russian girl, but your jealousy may be pushing her away from you.

And the reason why this happens is because you think you “own” your girlfriend. Like any girl in this world, your girl has her own saying, and she can choose to stay in a relationship with you or leave you.

In fact, the more controlling and possessive you are, the bigger the chance that she’ll actually dump you. No girl likes overly possessive and clingy guys.

So here’s what you should do to prevent jealousy from destroying your relationship: (1) learn to be more confident and eliminate your insecurities, (2) get out of the “everybody-cheats-so-I-don’t-trust-anybody” mindset and (3) stop thinking that you “own” your partner.

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