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Charmdate Review: Russian Women Dating Men Who Cheat? – How far have you gone?

There is a fine line between what is cheating and what is just flirtation. You will not find Russian women dating men who cheat. However, men and women do see cheating differently. Women sometimes can forgive sexual transgressions but not emotional ones. They would sometimes rather have their man have sex with a stranger they met at a bar than have a three-hour conversation with a woman he works with.

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For guys, things are a little different. They have their own rules, such as:

  • If it happens out-of-state, it doesn’t count
  • What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her
  • If I’m drunk, I should be forgiven
  • It didn’t mean anything to me, it shouldn’t mean anything to her

Although society looks at cheating as a mortal sin (on par with murder it seems), there are different levels of cheating. Russian women online understand this. They know that there are levels of infidelity.

Levels of Cheating

So, what is cheating? Everyone has their own definition. And, it changes from relationship to relationship. One important thing is that nobody has the right to judge your behavior. The only person who has to live with your decisions is you. If you do any of the following, it may be a sign that you are in the wrong relationship. It may be time to turn to sexy Russian girls instead. 

  • A wandering eye
  • Physical relations with stranger – meant nothing
  • Emotional attachment – may not even involve anything physical
  • Multiple indiscretions – you just do it over and over again
  • Full blown affair

If you find yourself doing the first three, it may mean that you are bored in your relationship. It doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person. Hot Russian ladies understand this. They may even be the people you have physical relations with. Dating Russian ladies online can be your way to get out your relationship frustrations without technically cheating.

How to Date a Russian Girl

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If you think you are unhappy in your relationship, you may want to test the waters. See if you find excitement elsewhere. You should try one of the legitimate Russian dating sites online. They offer a buffet of beautiful, hot sexy Russians for you to pick from.

All you have to do is pick the Russian dating website you want to join. Create a profile and start browsing the women online. You can see what’s out there. You’ll have a chance to develop either a strictly physical relationship or an emotional one – it depends on what you are looking for.

Be upfront and honest. If you are just looking for something physical, make that clear. Don’t lead a woman on letting her think you are looking to get married. There are women out there looking for the same thing as you. They don’t all want to find Mr. Right.

Is It Cheating?

Whether or not online dating can be considered cheating is up to you. You know the boundaries you are willing to cross. You also understand your relationship with your partner. If you have an open relationship, there is nothing wrong with dating online. If, however, you are in a committed relationship, you have to decide for yourself what behavior you feel is appropriate.

If you find yourself falling for someone online, make a decision. Don’t risk losing both women by stringing them both along. You want to be honest with everyone. It is not the cheating that makes us feel so bad about ourselves. It is the lying and deception that hurts. It is when we can’t live with our own behavior that we truly suffer.

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