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Charmdate Review: Russian Women Vs Belarus Women – Points to Take Care of on a First Date

You have found yourself on the other side of the best free international dating sites after hours of seeking to date Belarus women. Bombarded by ads for a Russian bride, you even tried a Russian dating service on your quest to date Russian women. You have jumped through the hurdles and SUCCESS! You find yourself on your first date with your dream Russian date.

Charmdate Review,Russian women brides

Before you go on your date, here are some tips on what you should notice to ensure you get a second date. First, know the difference between Belarus women and Russian women. For the last 25 years, Belarus has been its own country, separate from the (ex) USSR. Some ways that Belarus women typically differ from other Russian women are in appearances, demeanor, and work ethic. Upon research, you may find them to be more appealing and get further in dating a Belarus than a true Russian to start.

For the sake of this article on Russian dating, let’s assume you are dating a Russian. These 3 factors are what you should notice about your first date.

Russian Women Overshadow Belarus Women Appearance

When trying to connect with Russian women looking for love, always compliment how young they appear. All Russian women are referred to as young no matter what their age. If you are out with a Russian beauty, she has other men courting her, so say specific things that you notice about her appearance, not the same standard things she might hear from another suitor. Notice her earrings, the pattern of her scarf, and how they compliment her cheekbones. The more specific the better; it will show that you are truly paying close attention. Refer to Russian women as beautiful, alluring, attractive; “cute Russian women” is not as appealing as “exotic or lovely” Russian women when you are speaking to them. If you mention how young and attractive, she looks, bonus points.

Charmdate Review,Belarus Women,

Behavior Wise

Russian women are friendly and fun-loving; they can be your best friend and are great companions; however, do not get put off if they do not smile too much out in public. Russians, as a culture, and certainly more so in certain areas, do not smile out among other people; it is a sign of insanity. Russians think anyone who is smiling overtly is crazy. Therefore, while she might laugh at your jokes, do not be put off if at dinner she isn’t beaming. A clear-cut way to tell if a woman likes you and this includes Russian women looking for love as if she is speaking to you with her eyes and body language as well as with her words. Look for eye contact and other body movement clues to help you determine her interest throughout the conversation.

Seek Smart Conversation

Russian women are extremely smart and passionate; they are also modest. When dating Russian women, the trick here is to find a topic of which they are passionate about and get them talking about it. Once you have a person talking, you are able to tell many things about them. From this type of conversation, you can tell compatibility based on a level of interest, level of humor, creativity, mental state, how they speak, and the different topics that interest the two of you. Chemistry is great, but will you be able to talk to one another in the long run?

If your long-term goals are to marry Russian, there are plenty of websites to help you obtain your mail-order Russian women brides; however, if you are wanting to date Russian women, then these three key points will get you over the major obstacles.

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