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Charmdate Review: Science to make Russian ladies think you’re more attractive

It’s true, Russian ladies always desire a sexy man to complement them. Various universities have used statistics from Russian dating sites to understand what makes a man more attractive. Traditionally it was believed that good looks were most important. It seemed to make sense that sexy Russian ladies would wish a classically sexy man to praise her beauty. However, recent studies suggest that single Russian ladies develop infatuation for several reasons. Not all Russian girls online are looking for the archetypal superman. This article discusses some of the findings from these recent studies.

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Body Language is Confidence

A study from the University of St. Petersburg has shown that pretty Russian women will form their first impression of you from the way you walk and hold yourself. A slouched, arched back, hunched soldiers and closed arms does not give off a welcoming impression. By opening up the body, throwing the chin back and smiling with contagious joy you’ll be impossible to resist.

Dating Profiles are Like Resumes

A Social Study from Ukraine suggested that 80% of successful online dating is a result of well-tailored dating profiles. Under a Russian girl photo on one profile, a Russian babe wrote: “Think of me as your potential boss. I’m currently examining your profiles very carefully. If you get invited for an interview, then don’t be late and look smart. If you are successful in the hiring process, then the hours will be hell, but the perks will be heaven!” That’s the type of slick humor that makes Russian online dating such a thrill!

Never send tons of messages without response

If you’ve tried to initiate online Russian chat with a girl but there’s been no response for a whole week then forget about it. Studies from Moscow show that 97% of men who send a second message without reply will still be ignored. In contrast, 10% of men eventually received a reply.

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Smile because you’re happy

This is a paradox in itself that we may as well entangle ourselves in. In any case, it’s not as if love is without its own crippling knots and binds. If someone tells you to smile don’t just do it as a polite gesture. That is guaranteed to stretch a look of creepy horror upon your face. You’ll probably look comparable to a corpse reanimated with electricity and anti-depressants. A study from Belarus showed that women were 3 times more likely to trust a man who naturally smiled a lot.

Go out with friends

This may seem like a terrifying prospect for some but perhaps it’s worth ditching the phone for a night and actually trying to meet a woman in person. But don’t just wander down to a bar completely solo. Bring some buddies for back up. Recent studies suggest that women generally notice men more when they are part of a group of friends. Again, this would be a paradox if taken in the wrong way. Manipulating guys into being wingmen to further your own selfish lust is not a very ‘friend’ thing to do. Girls are not stupid, often their foresight can pierce a man’s facade before he even realized he had one. So, go out with friends because you genuinely have friends and you love spending time with them. When a girl sees this, she’ll know you’re someone fun and will probably be interested.

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