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Charmdate Review: Telltales of Boring Relationships with European Women and How to Spice Them Up Again

We’ve all heard it before, girls just want to have some fun. That is not any different when dating European women. For instance, let’s take Russian girls. They truly are uniquely beautiful and not as quiet as many might think. Well, for one, they live in a cold country, are surrounded by brutal men, and they have a strong character.

If you would ask me, I love Russian women and would pick them any day. Why? You ask? It’s all in the character. If you date a Russian woman, you would be upgrading your life. They don’t like men who are lazy and laid back, but rather, with their sweet talk, they will always encourage you to pursue nothing but the best out of life.European women

According to their culture, they see the man as the head of the house, however, they are not that submissive. In fact, they are quite the opposite. They like to take part in decision making and are typically great advisors. If you ask me, in the current generation, women who are more aggressive and not lazy are the ones who are most sought after. Nowadays, it’s all about what she can bring to the table. And as a man, that is what makes sexy Russian women even more attractive! Our instincts always chase after those who are a hard nut to crack.

With the sense of a high level of maturity displayed by Russian women, it is not a wonder that they can go for older men to match up their maturity level. Perhaps this is why the most associated subject with Russian women is how to get a Russian mail order bride. There are many women in Russia who are looking to settle down with men from a Western country. Because most Russian men have drinking problems and are unemployed.

They are always obliged to marry anyone who is offering a flashy lifestyle and a chance to get out of Russia. The concept of mail order comes in from websites that act as the bridge of matching up willing brides with potential husbands. Don’t get fooled by the websites offering to ship exotic Russian girls to the highest bidder. In fact, websites like builds a platform for people who want to make friends  with or date Russian women. Don’t get the idea wrong. Russian women are strong and independent person just like you are. They choose to give online dating a shot. There’s nothing about “mail order”.

Not saying that it is entirely illegal to talk to Russia women online, but the only right way is through online dating websites. If you’re wondering where to meet Russian women in America, then you need to sign yourself up to a dating website.

Take care of your profile, upload a decent photo of yourself. Here you go, you are in this game. Be open-minded and make the first move.

Russian women are more conservative and old-school. They expect men to break the ice. Don’t be shy!

Russian women and American men are perfect together

where to meet Russian womenThere are a lot of rich and wealthy men in Russia, so if you find that your relationship is getting boring, you’d better upgrade to the Russian standard. Many men like to think of themselves as the complete package but sometimes we might be the reason for the boring relationship. So what could be the reason, and what do you do when your relationship with your partner becomes dull, boring and stale?

  1. Uninteresting

When a woman has a high level of interest, she will always work to keep the conversation going.

Solution: You’re probably spending a lot of time around her and she’s too familiar with you. You should hang back and let her see that you’re a busy guy whom she would always want to get a hold of your attention. Women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear.

  1. You’re Too Busy

Well, this might be contrary to the first point, but a woman will never bother with you again if you don’t bother spending time with her.

Solution: Women love attention, and it will always intrigue them if you’re not giving enough to them. The moment you don’t give any attention at all, they will eventually get bored with you and eventually dump you. Therefore, it’s important to allocate some time with them and once in a while, surprise them with a date where you can spend quality time together. This also shows how communication is important in any relationship.

  1. Too Laid Back

In connection to the second point, women never like a guy who is just laid back and waiting for things to happen. If you started off the relationship with so much zeal but you have suddenly become inactive, they will obviously look back and think that you are just an opportunist who only works until they get what they want

Solution: Women will always appreciate men who are spontaneous. Just like it was when you first met, continue with that kind of vibe and she will fall head over heels for you again and again like the first time you met on popular Russian websites. Always try new things together and you will see how you will bring the spark back!

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