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Charmdate Review: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Your Online Dating Profile For Russian Dating

Your online dating profile is sort of like your CV. But it’s certainly not the same thing. Not even close. Unfortunately, an abnormal number of guys who are looking for a girlfriend in Russian dating fail to realize this: a boring, CV-like dating profile won’t score any date. You need to spice things up.

Even if you do enjoy long walks on the beach, you’re an easy-going dude, and have a good sense of humor, you may want to keep those things to yourself, as they have become too cliché to be used in a successful dating profile.

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Here’s the thing: every time a Russian woman reads in your dating profile that you enjoy long walks on the beach or in the park – or whatever – she’ll probably think to herself, “Yeah, right. Yet another dude trying to get in girls’ panties with a copy-pasted dating profile – just like that jerk Tim I met a few weeks ago, he said he enjoyed long walks on the beach, too!

You see what’s going on here, right? If you truly want to keep potential Russian women brides hooked the second they land on your dating profile, learn the following do’s and don’ts of polishing a good online dating profile (and recite them every time you go to sleep).

The Do’s

  1. Do be real. You are not some fiction character who can write whatever he wants on his online dating profile just to lie your way into a relationship with a hot Russiagirl.
  2. Do be fun. As said above, an online dating profile is not your resume, so go easy on those boring, cliché and standardized descriptions of yourself.
  3. Do be creative. But don’t cross the line and start lying or exaggerating things. You’ll notice how easy it is to go in Russian women chatif your dating profile is written with a spark.
  4. Do be positive. This isn’t a Titanicscreenplay, and your dating profile shouldn’t make you sound pessimistic or desperate to date Russian woman.
  5. Do keep it short. Yes, young sexy Russian girlslove to read romantic or erotic novels like 50 Shades of Grey, but your dating profile is not an appropriate place to write a wall of text. It may be written really good and you may be the next Leo Tolstoy, but nobody is going to read this on a dating site (sorry!).
  6. Do stand out from the crowd and be interesting. You may be surprised how many males are currently actively seeking a girlfriend or wife on dating sites in Russia. Millions. So the competition is quite fierce!
  7. Do provide details and be specific. Instead of saying generic things like “I love cooking,” talk about the foods that you enjoy cooking, which cookbooks or cook shows inspire you, etc.
  8. Do mention your strong and weak qualities. All cute Russian womenwant to know what they sign up for before starting any relationship.
  9. Do check your grammar. Grammar mistakes make you look immature (not a good thing for Russian dating!).

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The Don’ts

  1. Don’t think that you are unworthy or that your dating profile will be laughed at by others. Everyone knows why people sign up on dating websites, so act accordingly.
  2. Don’t be boring but don’t cross the line with the self-deprecation. Being able to laugh at your mistakes or weaknesses is generally a good thing, but not so much when you are trying to find a match on Russian dating sites(where men, your competitors, tend to lie to paint themselves in better light).
  3. Don’t be negative. The last thing you would want is to come across as a negative person. So don’t even start to list the things that you dislike. Instead, focus on the things you like (also, your smiling face on a profile pic will probably help).
  4. Don’t upload inappropriate pictures. Or anything that might be even remotely offensive or insulting. And yeah… keep your dick pics to yourself.
  5. Don’t be a nice guy – but don’t be too bad either. Find the perfect balance to attract a wider spectrum of Russian women brides.
  6. Don’t insult your ex. Any badmouthing of your former significant other will make you look really bad. In fact, why would you even start talking about your ex in a dating profile?!
  7. Don’t make demands. Anything that starts with “You must be…,” “Unless you are…,” and “I will only date you if you…” should not be on your dating profile. Period.
  8. Don’t write “My friends made me sign up” or other BS that makes you look like someone who doesn’t know what he wants or what he is looking for.

If you implement these tips in your online dating profile, it won’t be long before you find a hot Russia girl thanks to your polished and attention-grabbing profile. You can thank me later!

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