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Charmdate Review: Time to look for other sexy Russian women? Signs that your relationship is over

 There are plenty of sexy Russian women out there and if you’re lucky enough to have one as a girlfriend then understanding the health of your relationship is vital for both of you to be happy. Obviously, it’s normal for the intense passion of falling in love to wear off. However, as a relationship progresses, they can go one of two ways. Either you forge a strong and lasting bond with your gorgeous Russian or you begin to drift apart. This article highlights certain behaviors and feelings that may signal the death of a former romance.

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Your sex life has stagnated

Out of all the hot Russian girls, you fell madly in love with one and the sex was magical. However, as the relationship has progressed, the desire has diminished. You no longer find yourselves jumping eagerly into bed and when you do have sex it’s just not the same. This is a worrying sign and a typical Russian woman would certainly notice the change too.

You’re checking out other people

If you find yourself lying in bed with your partner and looking at sexy Russian pics on your phone, then this is a very bad sign. It means that you no longer have that same level of attraction to your partner and are trying to gain satisfaction in other ways. If this is the case, then you should end the relationship and start trying to meet Russian singles who will reignite that passion in your heart.

You argue all the time

Arguments are normal and often healthy in a relationship because it shows that two people are confronting their differences and trying to make a compromise.  However, if you are bickering about every small decision then it may be time to date Russian singles who will give you a fresh start at love.

Your confidence has diminished

One friend once shared his romantic experiences. He loves tall Russian women and began dating one that he was utterly infatuated by. However, as time went on he found himself feeling inadequate. Everything he did just never seemed to be enough and trying to make his girlfriend happy just ended with him feeling worse about himself. In the end he broke up with her and slowly regained confidence.

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You’re just too different

The initial feeling of love exceeds all boundaries and overcomes all obstacles. However, as a relationship becomes more serious it can often become difficult to overcome all obstacles.  Russian Muslim girls, for instance, would typically remain loyal to their family rather than pursue a romantic connection. If your girlfriend’s family don’t approve of your relationship and it’s making your partner suffer then it might be better for both of you to end things.

You have the urge to cheat

Looking at Russian girls photos is bad enough but actually wanting to take it a step furth

er is truly mean. If you have a serious urge to cheat on your partner, then you should end things before profoundly hurting your partner. There is nothing worse than going behind the back of someone who loves you and has decided to commit themselves. Don’t be selfish! Break up, be single, and pursue your lusty desires without the need of a guilty conscience.


Ending a relationship is never easy. The fact that you ever started a relationship shows how in love you once were. However, some relationships are just not meant to last forever. If they drag on they can start to cause a lot of negativity. Two people should only be together if they make each other as people.  If two people are bringing each other down, then it’s time to move on.

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