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Charmdate Review: Women on a Russian dating site Reveal 6 Surprising Reasons Why They’d Date a Sensitive Man Over Macho

The sensitive man vs macho debate has been around for centuries. Movies and TV shows have taught us that only strong and badass machos are capable of attracting women on Russian dating sites. But that’s not entirely true.

We’ve asked six Russian women to reveal why they’d date a sensitive man over macho. And some of the reasons are surprising, to say the least!

And while many men – who deep down are sensitive and caring creatures – pretend to be machos to have better chances at attracting Russian Jewish girls (or so they think), not wearing a mask and being a sensitive man could actually score them more points when it comes to dating Russian Christian singles.

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Sensitive men won’t disguise their feelings

I’ve dated both sensitive and macho men, but I’d always go with sensitive, as they won’t hide their feelings. And this is the core of a successful long-term relationship, as being an emotionless slob won’t get you far in a relationship,” Olga, 25.

When looking at sexy Russian girls photos, you may think that feelings is the last thing Russian christian singles are looking for in a man, but that’s just delusional.

There are many different Russian girls personality types, but most women who hang out on Russian dating sites usually care about a guy’s ability to show his feelings much more than they care about his looks.

They are good listeners

Talking to a macho is like talking to a 12-year-old kid, who turns every conversation into flirt. I don’t need to flirt 24/7, I want my man to be able to actually sit there and listen to the things I say,” Margarita, 22.

Macho men are more likely to ignore what a woman says than sensitive men, who have long been praised for their good listening things. Any Russian bride is hoping to meet a guy who’d be empathetic and care about the things she talks about.

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Communication will never be a problem

Look, trying to have a conversation with a macho is like trying to feed rabbit snacks to a dog. It never ends well! That means the moment you get into your first fight together, you’ll probably never get over it as macho guys just won’t discuss it properly,” Sveta, 28.

If you met on Russian video chat sites and she has told you numerous times that you’re good at communicating, you probably don’t have to worry about it.

As you may imagine, communication is not always possible when a guy can’t focus on the conversation itself and spends 99% of the video chat drooling over the Russian sexy picture (we get it, Russian Jewish girls are stunning, but a Russian girl is more than just a beautiful talking head). She has a personality!

They care about a woman’s opinion

You don’t have to be a feminist to hate a macho guy who won’t put up with a girl’s opinion and thinks his opinion is the only thing that matters. This is like, literally, annoying. The world doesn’t revolve around you!” Anna, 19.

Sensitive guys usually care about their woman’s opinion, and this is a sought-after skill among Russian christian singles.

They’re more motivated to please women in bed

I’ve never been disappointed with sensitive guys when it comes to sex. A sensitive guy will make everything possible and impossible to please me in bed and make me feel happy and desired. And I will certainly keep coming back for more,” Anjelica, 24.

Despite the old-fashioned stereotype, sensitive guys are better in bed than macho guys. Period. And when you look at those sexy Russian women pics, you can tell that they care about the quality of sex and bedroom attention.

They’re better family men

I’m done with macho men, because you can’t create a family with them. I’ve had those machos cheating on me when we were planning to start a family and disappearing when it was time to create a family,” Valeria, 31.

A sensitive man will be straight-forward about his intentions when it comes to relationships. A macho man is more likely to get what he wants and not care about a woman’s long-term plans.

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