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Charmdate review:4 Signs That Russian Girls Are Testing You (Don’t Fall Into The Trap!)

Spotting signs that you’re being tested by a Russian girl is not always easy. And in some cases, not even possible. Most hot sexy Russian women are quite sophisticated and never make their tests obvious.

But you don’t have to worry about it, when you’re being tested by cute Russian women, they won’t be taking samples of your blood or asking you to fill out a questionnaire.

charmdate review,Are Russian girls easy

Instead, she’ll ask you certain things to know your answer or say certain things only to see your reaction. And judging from your answers and reaction, she’ll conclude whether or not you’re worth her time.

“I don’t get it! Why do beautiful Russian babes test men?” you may be wondering. The short answer is: for the same reason you’re checking a phone’s tech specifications before buying it. You need to make sure that you’re a good match.

And since we teach you how to date a Russian woman on this blog, we thought it would be a good idea to outline some of the most common tests a woman can put you through during a first, second, third date or even throughout a relationship to see what type of boyfriend or husband you’d be.

You’re always being tested

As strange as it may sound, you’re always being tested when dating beautiful Russian babes. There’s no getting around it whether you like it or not. In fact, a Russian girl begins to test a man from the moment she sets her eyes on him or from the second a guy sends her “Hi!” in a chatroom on real Russian dating sites.

But even though you’re constantly being tested, dating beautiful Russian babes never feels like a nerve-wracking school exam. It’s part of the natural selection process, in which a woman needs to determine if the person sitting next to her will be a good partner or not.

Signs that she’s testing you

She will pressure you. Hold on a second, don’t get all defensive just yet. It’s no big deal. All girls do it. They push their boundaries with their boyfriends or potential boyfriends to see what will and will not be tolerated. For Russian women dating is all about discovery and getting to know their partner better. So don’t be surprised if your girl pushes you just to check your reaction. She’s just testing you.

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She wants you to meet her family and friends. One of the biggest tests a girl can put her partner or boyfriend through is asking if he wants to meet her family and friends. While meeting friends may seem like no biggie, it actually is. Because, believe it or not, she might ask her girlfriends to test you as well, and this includes testing if you’ll swallow the bait when they’re teasing you or flirt with you. And do we really need to explain why meeting her family is a test?

She’ll watch what you’re looking at. A man’s wandering eye is the biggest turn-off for a girl who thought even for a second that she could have a future with that man. If you thought, “Are Russian girls easy?” trust me, they are not! They’ll notice the smallest details about your behavior when you’re around, including whether you’re looking at other girls or not.

If you don’t mind staring at other women in the presence of your girl, she might think you’ll be unfaithful in the relationship. Even if you were simply checking out a logo on another girl’s shirt in the chest area, you’ll have a hard time proving that you weren’t looking at her breasts. So yeah, refrain from looking at Russian hot photos on your phone or computer when your girlfriend is around.

She’ll ask you about your past relationships. This often happens on online dating sites, at the stage when you’re smoothly chatting and having fun exchanging jokes and flirting. Most women prefer to know about their potential boyfriends’ ex-girlfriends and about their previous relationships. While they don’t exactly care about your ex, they care about the reason you broke up with her, or she broke up with you (to know if it’s something they should be worried or warned about).

As you can see, there won’t be any extreme tests such as “Jump off the cliff first, and I’ll jump right after you.” But do keep an eye on the above-mentioned signs that she’s testing you. After all, don’t forget that if she’s testing you, she likes you! If she didn’t, she wouldn’t bother wasting her time and energy on you.

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