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Charmdate review:Best ways to make your Russian dating partner approach you

On a first date on the Russian dating scene, it is you who have to make the first move, as a man. When you date Russian girls, you have to make the first approach as your partner will mostly be a passive receiver of your attention. However, you cannot make all the moves and do all the talking. There are ways you can make your Russian dating partner approach you, too.

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These are ways you can increase your chances of making hot Russian women approach you –

  • Make your partner feel desired and special – After you have selected a dating partner after browsingonline singles dating sites, there are ways you can bring in excitement to your first date appointment and attract your partner towards you. This may not lead you to the bedroom but it will certainly break the ice and will allow her to come closer to you. Speak softly to her and pay respect to her wishes and her well being. Talk about her, more than about yourself.
  • Dress well – You can always impress a pretty Russianwhen you dress well and impress her in your first meeting itself. You are bound to capture her interest when you dress well. You may or may not be extraordinarily good looking but good clothes and wearing them stylishly will make you stand out from the rest. You need not wear expensive suits or go for designer labels but be stylish in your own way so that she gets a good insight into your individual personality and gets attracted towards you to make her first approach.
  • Create a good profile – Impress her on the best online dating sitesby making a smart profile and a bio sketch of your personality. A strong online presence will help her make that approach you are looking for and she will be eager to break into a conversation with you. Make that profile come alive by being positive on your date; be humorous and considerate and you would have given yourself a good shot at making her approach you.

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  • Create an opening for her during the meeting and make her see that opening – Before you meet her, include some questions in your online profile that she can answer when she meets you. This is a good way of creating an opening for Russian women beautiful.
  • Groom yourself well – This is one of the basics in the world of dating. When you look at the Russian women imageson the Russian dating sites, you will observe that they are all well-groomed. If you want your women to be attracted to you and make their approach easier, you have to be well-groomed yourself. A good haircut or being clean shaven with moisturized skin will make these women get interested in you. Before you go on a date, invest your time well on your skin, hair and nails.
  • Smell good – A man that smells good is considered gorgeous in Russian This is an important way of attracting women. It makes it easy for you to meet Russian ladies. A well- chosen cologne could make the difference between an indifferent date and an easy approach by your partner.
  • Be considerate and nice to people when you are around her – It is a big turn-off for women if their dating partners act rudely with service workers. They expect their dates to have a pleasant and a positive attitude towards people around them. If you are nice to people on your date, it would increase your chances of being approached by your partner.


It is very natural on your part to feel wanted by your dating partner and to be approached. So, channel your passion and follow these above tips to make your partner feel comfortable with you so that she can make her approach to you, easily.

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