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Charmdate Review:Is Dominant Girlfriend Bad or Good For You?

Hey, if you’re looking for a sexy girl in Russia, you might want to read this before getting started. This is serious. We really need to talk about it.

You may have a wrong impression about what it’s like dating sexy Russian women, and once you read this – you may stop looking for a Russian wife altogether.

I told you, it’s serious…

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Dominant Girlfriends Are a Common ‘Phenomenon’ Nowadays

I hate to break it to you – but you might want to stop living in the illusion that all Russian women want to be submissive in a romantic relationship.

It’s the year of 2017, not 1987 or 1967, where the man figure was dominant in the relationships of your parents and grandparents.

Dominant girlfriends and wives in control in the last century were as rare as seeing a politician with no luxury mansions and cars in 2017.

But the times have changed – considerably and dramatically – and having a dominant girlfriend is not rare nowadays.

In fact, sexy Russian women – feeling especially liberated to do whatever they like in the past few years – feel like being in control in relationships.

It’s not always their own initiative to be dominant, as even those who considered themselves submissive or neutral feel the need to take control because men have become too mushy and lazy to do anything in 21st century.

Now, before you freak out – and stop looking at Russian sexy women photos on an online dating website out of fear to stumble across a dominant girl – listen us out.

There are both pros and cons of dating a dominant girlfriend, so don’t be so quick to write your question “how to meet a Russian women” off your ‘to-do’ list.

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Pros of having a Dominant Girlfriend

We get it. You’ve told yourself “i love Russian women” too many times to stop loving sexy Russian women all of a sudden just because times have changed and the gender roles have shifted dramatically.

But don’t give up on your dream to find a sexy girl in russia just yet, because a woman in control might be exactly what you’re looking for!

She’s financially independent. Hey, having a dominant girlfriend most of the times means that this girl will not be sitting around at house spending all of your hard-earned money on shopping.

It also most likely means that this kind of Russian girl will be paying for dinners or at least splitting the bill 50/50 whenever you go out for dates.

It’s a major advantage for men looking for a Russian wife but on a tight budget to afford the expensive dating process.

When you’re in a relationship, you will most likely not be the only one providing for the family, as dominant girlfriends most of the times build their careers and have career-wise goals to achieve.

She’s a leader, in pretty much everything. We’re sure you’ve been in this kind of relationship where neither of you had enough power to make decisions.

If the “hey, what do you want to do tonight? I dont know, you decide. No, it’s up to you. Honey, choose anything you like” conversation seems too familiar for you, it means that neither of you takes charge.

That’s a neutral relationship, in which neither of the partners dominates. It’s a common phenomenon nowadays, too, but it most likely happened because your girlfriend expected you to be in control, but you just weren’t.

Before you start slamming your head against the wall thinking you’re not an Alpha male, listen to this: in 2017, this is normal.

This kind of lack of character from men nowadays have led to the rise of dominant girlfriends, where they feel the need to take charge and lead the relationship.

You don’t want to plan any vacation for you two this summer because you’re just too lazy/don’t have enough energy to do so? Don’t worry, your dominant girlfriend will do it for you!

You don’t know what kind of food to eat at a restaurant with your girlfriend? If your girl is in control, she’ll decide for both herself and you.

She’s knows what she wants. What man didn’t want to be with a dominant woman at least once in his life?

In the world were sexy Russian women videos porn is gaining popularity rapidly, the fantasy of having sex with a girl that is in control has become widespread among men.

If this is something you’re looking for in Russian women, dating a dominant girlfriend might be the perfect choice for you.

She knows what she wants and she’s not shy for that. That is a biggest turn on for every man I guess.

Cons of Dating a Dominant Girlfriend

However, it’s time to confront the elephant in the room: dating a dominant girlfriend is not something most fellas are looking for in relationships nowadays. And that’s why:

You feel like less of a man. Listen, she’s in control of everything. She makes decisions, she provides for the family and she initiates everything she wants.

At first, it may seem harmless or fun, but for most guys out there this could be a major blow to their manliness and self-esteem in the long run.

It may feel as if you’re some kind of a side dish to the main dish.

You don’t have a voice. If she has a habit of deciding things for you two, you’ll most likely loose your opinion soon.

You can feel like you don’t have a voice, as your girlfriend will do things she thinks are best for you two, but are not necessarily good for you personally.

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