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Guess Her Personality by Her Eye Color

So you are looking at beautiful Russian ladies photos and you notice that, like ladies everywhere, lovely Russian girls have a variety of eye colors. You might actually gaze at the picture of your hot girl from Russia and find certain eye colors sexy, but did you know the color of her eyes makes a big difference for other reasons as well? It’s true. Scientists who have studied eye color and personality have made astonishing discoveries. You can actually make some pretty accurate guesses about her personality based just on her eye color.

Here are some basic things they’ve found out based on each eye color. The findings are generalized to fit  most people, but it is easy to see how they would especially apply to your hot Russian girl. Here is what her eye color can tell you.

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Dark Brown/Black Eyes
If she has dark brown or black eyes, she is very likely a natural leader. Even if she doesn’t see herself that way, others often do. Eyes so dark brown they almost appear to be black are rare, so women with these color eyes are often seen as mysterious or secretive. Studies have shown that people with darker eyes tend to drink less and be more athletic than those with lighter color eyes, so the Russian girls with this eye color would be quite a catch!

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Blue Eyes
Many people find women with blue eyes sexy. In fact, the prevalence of blue-eyed women in Russia might  even be one of your reasons to date a Russian girl. However, there is so much more to a blue-eyed woman than physical beauty. Strength, for instance. Blue eyes denote both inner and physical strength, even if people are prone to see blue-eyed people as weak, timid, or untrustworthy. Women with lighter colored eyes have been found to be more resilient in childbirth and seem to handle the stress of childbirth better than women with darker eyes. Studies also suggest that women with light-colored eyes have fewer instances of post-partum anxiety or depression. Keep this in mind if the reason you are interested in Russian dating is to get a wife from Russia (as long as she has blue eyes).

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Gray Eyes
Gray eyes are a rare variation on blue eyes. Dark gray eyes, though, have more melatonin. If she has gray eyes, she might be very even keeled, or she could have more of a Jekyl/Hyde personality. She is often different things to different people, which can be OK if she can control her emotions. Someone with gray eyes will probably also have to work harder to be taken seriously. She is the kind of person who could care deeply for you once you break through her tough exterior.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are hard to pin down. They often seem to change color from green to brown. Because this shade is so uncommon people with this color eyes are told from an early age that they are different. Women with hazel eyes, then, are often confident, independent, and spontaneous. Like the shade of their eyes, though, their personalities are unique and hard to pin down.

Brown Eyes
As with dark brown eyes, these are a result of having more melatonin in the system. Brown eyed people tend to be agreeable and assertive, and people tend to look to them with confidence. Brown eyed people are generally seen as being loyal, respectful, and gentle, but not submissive. People with brown eyes tend to get less sleep and, not surprisingly, have more trouble getting up in the morning.get a wife from Russia

Green Eyes
People with green eyes are often seen as alluring, sexy, and mysterious. Green eyes are highly sought after: more people would like to change their eye color to green than any other color. It would be rare to see many in a picture of Russian girls, but those that did would likely be agreeable and dominant, yet

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