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How to Be a Ladies Man: Things the Movies Failed to Teach You

We’ve all seen them, movies showing men who are irresistible to the ladies. In some movies, the protagonist is such a ladies man that he shows others the secret to his success. There is just one problem with all of these movies. As entertaining as they are, they just don’t reflect real life.

It’s easy to understand why a man would want to attract women, why he would be eager to meet single Russian ladies, or chat to Russian women. For every man surrounded by sexy Russian women, there are a dozen wanting to know his secret. The truth is that there are ways for men to attract more women. If you have ever asked, “how can I meet a Russian woman ?” or want to know how to chat with Russian girls, the steps below are for you. And yes, this is very different from the movies.

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One more thing. For purposes of this article, we are defining a ladies man as any man who knows how to attract women and keep them happy. This is different from men who use deception to date many women and do not necessarily treat them fairly. Whether you just want to date Russian girls online or you’re one of the many men intent on marrying Russian women, learning to be a ladies man can really help.

#1: Be Nice
Contrary to popular belief, most women do not like jerks. Women would rather be around someone who is genuinely nice. It doesn’t hurt if he is sensitive to their feelings, either. It’s easier if she doesn’t have to give elaborate explanations when she is having a bad day. Also, a nice guy can empathize and help her feel better.

#2: Know How to Give a Complement
Sure, women like to be told they are beautiful, or that their dress looks nice, but don’t let that be the only compliments you give. What she really wants you to notice are her personality and how hard she works. You notice she is always a positive person? Tell her that. The girl you met on the Russian dating site works long hours? Give her some kudos for that.

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#3: Really Get to Know Her
Connect with her on a deeper level. Find out how she operates. A true ladies man knows what makes women tick.

#4: Show the Real You
Just like you need to connect with her on a deep level, it is important to show your deeper side. Showing who you really are and what makes you passionate lets her know you are genuine and someone she wants to know better.  Don’t be afraid to leave yourself open and show your vulnerability. Some women will even take you under their wing and help you become a better ladies man!

#5: Try to Understand
Make an effort to see things from the women’s perspective. Understand what offends women (and why), and what they feel strongly about. Ask questions.

#6: Make Them Feel Special
This is really what it all comes down to: the end goal should be to make her feel good. Think about it: someone makes you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to want to be around them. Whether you are online dating Russian girls, or meet someone in real life, find ways to genuinely make her feel like there is something incredible about her. And it should go without saying, but stay away from negatives. Don’t point out or make fun of their faults or the things they might be insecure about. This is the exact opposite of making her feel special.

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