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How to be attractive on your first date

Here you go, after long weeks or months of online communication through online dating website chats and Skype, it’s time to go to your first date with that Russia girl you’ve been bragging about to your friends.

Even though your date has (most probably) seen your photos online, you still want to look more attractive. In fact, it’s the things we do and the things we say that make us more or, on the contrary, less attractive.

That’s why guys often tend to look bad in the eyes of Russian girls even though they are handsome. So it’s the attitude that matters, not the looks. But of course, you do still need to shower regularly and care about grooming.

But remember this: with hot Russian women, you don’t need to look like Ryan Gosling to be attractive and charming on your first date.

sexy Russian girls

First and foremost, it doesn’t matter whether you have a date with sexy Russian girls or girls of some other nationality, in no way can you be late for your first date. If you’re late for your first date, it makes you look less attractive by 10x times.

Your posture, body language and your facial expression also play a huge part in making you look more or less attractive. It has been scientifically proven that self-confidence makes people look better.

And for Russian women dating, and especially first few dates, is the most important thing about starting a relationship. Most Russian ladies hot hanging out on online dating websites are looking for marriage which is why no Russian girl wants to make a mistake in choosing her partner.

This is something you didn’t show during your chat online Russia with the girl you’re having your first date – body language. Avoid any insecure or shy movements, as it may form an unattractive image about you.

Russian girls

In no way do you want to create a pompous image about you either: so don’t raise your chin too high and don’t give your Russian dating partner any dirty looks. For your Russian lady, dating is a stressful experience just like for you so that you’re the one who create a laid-back conversation and casual talk.

It’s also recommended to give your Russian date a nod the moment you see her or give her a hello’ gesture with your hand. This way your girl will have much more positive vibes about this whole thing.

When greeting her, it’s crucial to stand up and shake her hand. Psychologists also recommend touching her from time to time. But it doesn’t mean you can go all handsy on her. Instead, give her light 1-second strokes in the areas of her elbows and shoulders. Those are safe areas.

You should also say your girl’s name every now and then. This little trick makes you look more attractive in the eyes of a Russian girl. The mere fact that you pronounced her Russian name right will be a major turn on.

Now, a conversation plays a huge role in making you look more or, on the contrary, less attractive. So since you’ve probably accumulated a great deal of topics during your online chats, the first date shouldn’t be as awkward as it most of the times is during spontaneous first dates.

But more importantly, you should let your partner know that you’re interested in her. To do that in a conversation, slightly tilt your head towards the Russian girl, smile and always make eye contact.

To know that your partner is interested, women often tilt their chin down and look at you through their big eyelashes. Sometimes they bit their lips a bit to make it look sexier.

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