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Is the Camshare service on a scam? is an internationally renowned dating site. Perhaps you are already a member of the site, or a potential member. I’m more than certain that every member has doubts about whether the site is real, or if it’s a scam. Let’s start by analysing the Camshare service.
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First of all, we need an insight into what kind of service Camshare is. The site has numerous services, and Camshare is just a recently launched product. It’s real-time and two-way – both parties can interact with each other, creating a sense of realness. Using the service is simple – you just click on the CamShare icon on your profile.

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Maybe you’re already having doubts. Is CamShare a scam? Well in my experience, when the service was launched, the first feeling I got was the service was fun. As soon as I switched it on, the lady was sat down, the image was pretty clear. It was a wonderful feeling seeing the lady I’d been chatting with in real-time. But there was this one time when I was talking with a lady and suddenly the image froze. My first reaction was “I knew it was a scam!” I was absolutely furious. The lady also told me afterwards that she’d experienced the same thing. Since I wasn’t getting what I’d paid for, I immediately sent the site a message to complain. I wasn’t expecting a response, but they did reply the next day. I have to say CharmDate’s customer service is pretty good. I was really angry, and they knew that, but they were still patient with me, listened to my requests, and gave me a satisfactory solution. The lady also explained afterwards that her network was unstable that day. So I was up for giving it one last try, and surprisingly there were no further problems. So in my experience, overall, the service is good. Of course, I can’t be 100% certain that it’s not a scam and I am a cautious person, so I will continue to observe to see whether the service is a scam or not.

I also found some comments on another site by two members of CharmDate:

1) There are so many beautiful Russian ladies on CharmDate that I didn’t know where to start. Too add to that, their photos look photo shopped, which made me think the site must be a scam! So I tried CamShare and to my surprise I found that the women appear more real. GOOD SERVICE!  I LOVE IT!
2) It is definitely not a cheap dating site but at least you are sure to get good and gorgeous contacts, especially Camshare. Personal opinion: value for money. Do not understand why someone said it was a scam…..

So is CharmDate a scam? So far, my experience has been okay so I’m going to stay optimistic for now until something bad happens. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with the site? If you have, please share them so we can further analyse the site.

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