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Life Skills That Impress Ladies: Start Working on them Today!

You’ve probably heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, turns out we’ve found that ‘stomach’ in beautiful russian women.

What if we tell you that you simply need to learn certain life skills – note: you may actually be a master in a few of those – to get any russian nice lady you want?

russian nice ladyWell, here’s your guide on how to marry russian women by simply mastering the following life skills:

Master the art of handshake

Every time you extend your hand to another person, the two worlds collide. A handshake is an introduction. And the first impression plays a vital role in attracting hot single russian girls.

A decent handshake improves the man’s value on the dating market, so to speak. Through a decent handshake you get respect.

Remember those fellas that responded to your handshake with a hand that felt just dead and weak? That’s not going to impress the ladies in russian dating.

Excel at your hobbyhot single russian girls

No matter what your hobby is, there is nothing sexier for russian ladies online than dating a man who excels at the thing he’s passionate about.

Whether it’s driving cars, home-brewing beer, grilling BBQ or even chess – as long as your hobby isn’t weird and abnormal (such as catching butterflies or stalking celebrities) – excelling at your hobby is badass!

Cook to impress

If you’re dating russian women online, there’s a good chance that she’ll be cooking delicious food for the family. But it doesn’t mean you can’t cook once in a while.

And every time you do, make sure it’s worth the effort! As far as the saying goes, a true gentleman must master at least one advanced recipe – and make it his signature recipe.

It’s much better to know a few recipes but cook them as if you’re getting paid tons of money for it, than knowing loads of recipes but throwing up every time you eat your own meals. Quality over quantity, any time.

Fixing a car

Driving a car is great, but fixing a car can turn on any russian girl looking for men. There’s nothing sexier for your sexy russian date than seeing a man knowing how to fix his car.

It makes hot single russian girls wonder what else your hands are good at. If you catch my drift.

Know good wine and whiskey

When it comes to alcohol, you must be good at it. And we don’t mean having to go binge-drinking every single type of alcohol out there and losing your job, health and self-respect over it.

What we mean is that every self-respecting man knows what is good wine and whiskey. That’s like the basics of alcohol for a man.

Just by taking a sip of wine and whiskey you should be able to discern if it’s good, instead of having to get drunk on it only to see if you feel hangover the next day.

Plus, nothing turns a russian nice lady on than you saying to a waiter at the restaurant, “This wine isn’t actually good. Can you bring us a bottle of another wine?”

Speak foreign languages

When you’re dating beautiful russian women, she expects you to learn at least a few phrases from the Russian language. That’s fine.

Having advanced level of English is great, but knowing at least one foreign language will score you even more points to impress any russian girl looking for men.

Besides, you get the perfect opportunity to learn a +1 language, as you could be teaching that foreign language to your russian nice lady in exchange for lessons of the Russian language.

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