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Moving In Together: 5 Signs You’re Gonna Survive This

Moving in together can be tough: ‘what if she breaks up with me after seeing my lifestyle?’

‘What if she gets bored with me?’ ‘What if she won’t let me keep alcohol at home?’… and many other questions that have been all over your head lately. Hey, chill!

Those are very natural fears of any guy who is considering moving in together with his girlfriend. If you’re dating russian women, there are quite a few things to take into account before you move in together.

dating russian women

You’re ready… if you’ve survived a major fight

Hey, dating single russian women can be a very tough task. If you’ve survived meeting russian girl in the first place, then you’ll most likely survive moving in together!

Your chat with russian brides may have had no disagreements or fights whatsoever, but they do happen in every relationship. If you’ve had at least one major disagreement in russian dating and survived it, it’s a safe sign that you’re doing OK.

So if you’ve had at least one disagreement that you thought was going to ruin your relationship, and you’re still together – then you can surely survive all those minor domestic disagreements such as:

  • forgetting to buy toilet paper as you’re running out of it;
  • forgetting to put the toilet seat down;
  • putting white and black clothes together in a washing machine (oops, don’t ever do it!)…

…and many other things that can trigger a domestic disagreement.

meeting russian girl

If you’re afraid to give up partying, move in together!

If you’re kind of afraid to give up your current life, which includes partying and drinking, you’re most likely ready to move it together if you want to marry russian girl.

It’s only natural to be afraid of changes in life. Even if you think your life couldn’t get any better, trust me: it can. After all, russian ladies looking for husband aren’t looking for a forever-partying guy. They want a responsible, mature man who can provide for their family, not spend his salary on booze on a single night.

If you’re meeting russian girl with the purpose of marrying her and starting a family, then the fear of giving up your current life shouldn’t be an obstacle.

If you’ve traveled together, and it was fun

Traveling together with your significant one is not for everyone, and so is living together. If you’ve traveled together – whether it was a trip abroad or a camping trip – and you had a great time, you’re most definitely going to have just as great time moving in together.

Living together is an adventure in itself, and if both of you are adventurous types, then it’s a clear sign that you have nothing to be afraid.

If you, however, did not exactly enjoy your vacation, you may want to hold off a little bit. You need to analyze whether it was her habits or behavior or the feeling of her being with you all the time that you didn’t enjoy.

And don’t be afraid to chat russian lady about it, you can easily talk through differences – that is, of course, if you had any during your vacation together.

If you don’t feel any pressure

If you don’t feel any pressure from your Russian lady about moving in together – but you know that moving in would be a good idea at this stage of your relationship – then you definitely SHOULD move in together now!

Oftentimes when meeting russian girl it makes guys uncomfortable that their girlfriends try to pressure them – either by saying things or doing things, either it’s subtle gestures or obvious statements – and if the couple does move in together under such circumstances, it can create the sense of uncertainty, which could trigger problems later on.

Even hot russian brids can be hesitant about living with their boyfriends, so if there’s any uncomfortable feeling of being pressurized – it’s better to wait a bit longer until both of you are ready.

If you’ve already kind of moved in together

Couples that have been dating for months or years don’t realize it, but they can be ‘moving in together’ without actually, well… moving in together.

If you’re spending at least four nights per week together, or if you’ve gone living together for weeks at either of your homes, then you’re already simulating the situation of living together. All you need is to transport those heavy boxes of stuff to either of your places.

If you’ve gotten used to what it’s like waking up to her every day, and you realize that her voice is the first thing you want to hear in the morning even before having coffee… then you’re most definitely ready to move in together and make it ‘official’.

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