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Russian Family And Marriage: Marry Beautiful Russian Brides

Many gentlemen have married their perfect beautiful young  Russian brides while some are still in their love hunt journey. If you belong to the latter group, this article can be of great help to you.

Russian family and marriage

Russian Family And Marriage

When we mention “Russia”, one thing comes to the minds of many people: family value. Russian people love and cherish their family and would protect their family members in difficult times. The tradition is instilled into Russian people since they are very young. Family is viewed as the most important institution in Russian society and many Russian people regard children as the essential element of a good marriage. Most of them rely heavily on the family as a source of personal satisfaction.

Many Russians lived in large extended families. Men work and provide for the family while women take care of and raise the children. Family usually lived with one of the spouses parents. The family power and authority went to the person that is working which is usually the man.

Over the years, with the voice of freedom and society changes, a lot of changes has taken place such as family dissolution, cohabitation, divorce and remarriage.


Compared to people in other countries, Russians get married at a very young age. Most of Russian women married before age 20 and men before 23.  However, many conditions led to divorce and in the 1980s, the divorce rate in the Soviet Union was second in the world only to that of the United States. Moreover, separations and “unofficial divorces” were common and mother was usually awarded custody of the children. The divorce procedures were relatively simple. The conditions were crowed housing, lack of privacy, drunk-ness, infidelity, etc. With the development of society Russians become open-minded and divorce rate increases. Many think that people should not prolong a bad marriage. It is better to terminated and Russian people think divorce more positively than it was in the Soviet era.

In recent years cohabitation is more tolerated by public opinion and it is more and more frequent. Russians with a higher education are more tolerant of unregistered unions. The proportion of women living in cohabitation is lower than that of men. Surveys also show that Russian single women below age 25 are more likely to cohabit that men.

With the rapidly growing divorce rate, extended families disappear and remarriage is growing. A majority of young married couples desire to live apart from their parents and have an independent budget. At the same time, many men and women have been remarried and there is a higher probability of remarriage for men (one of conditions for many young Russian brides for marriage on international dating service). Children are no less an obstacle either for divorce or for remarriage.

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