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Russian Marriage And Wedding: Find A Russian Wife

In one of our previous articles, we tell something about Russian family and marriage. If you are seriously finding a Russian wife or if you are preparing a wedding with your Russian sweetheart, let’s go on with this topic and learn more about Russian marriage & wedding traditions. After reading it you will find the answer.

Young Russian Wife And Husband — Young Russian Family

A dozen years ago young Russian families with young Russian wife and husband were common. Russians got married at a very young age no matter they were men or women. In general, Russian women and men would hold the wedding at the age of 18 to 20 when they were still learning at universities. At that time, in a typical family, wife and husbands always were studying while being supported materially by their parents.


Find and get a beautiful Russian wife

Find and get a beautiful Russian wife 

Old Maid In Russia

In Russian traditions, if a Russian girl is single and above the age of 22 years old, she is called “Old Maid”. It is a label put on a Russian lady who has not gotta married at 22. According to Russian customs, a good wife is supposed to stay at home and take care of the whole family while husbands work outside. And women are responsible for all the housework. From this respect and compared to men, the social status is still very low for Russian women.

Just as in many other countries, there is infidelity in Russia. In general, this always happens to Russian men. Infidelity conspired with many other conditions causes the high rate of divorce. As we know, Russian women are much more than men in Russia. Besides, many men have the habit of hard drinking. Those may be the factors why there are more and more Russian single girls looking for marriage with a foreign guy.

Find A Russian Wife

Till the recent years, the label has gradually changed. Now a majority of young Russian girls and men will not rush into marriage. For example, many Russian girls receive high education, have a good job, and are financially independent before marriage. There are still many Russian single girls seeking marriage at a young age and many foreign gentlemen find a Russian wife through Russian dating website.

Age Difference Doesn’t Matter Much.

In most of the Russian families, wives are 4-6 years younger than their husbands. And most Russians still accept the age gap of 10 or even more years in marriage. Recently more and more single Russian girls would like to seek older gentlemen for marriage. There are many Russian single girls seeking marriage with foreign gentlemen online. You can view Russian women photo gallery on international Russian dating service such as

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