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What Makes You Attractive And Irresistible To Women?

Want to attract your sweet Russian lady or Ukraine girl? Trying to find out what can make you more attractive. We have collected the 6 scientifically proven things men can do to make them more attractive and irresistible to women. Let’s go now!


1 Wear red.

Wearing Red to Make You Attractive To Your Russian Women

Wearing red to attract your sweet hot Ukraine lady on CharmingDate

Red is now not just a sexy color for women. A new multicultural study shows that women found men pictured or wearing red, or even just surrounded by red, are more sexually attractive and more appealing. Red is a symbol of power, wealth and high status. Moreover, it can enhances perceptions of romance. Wearing red is a big turn-on. This is what you can change and control to attract your lady.

2 Heavy Stubble

Have you gotta a heavy stubble

Have you gotta a heavy stubble?

Women prefer men with heavy stubble. It suggests maturity and manliness. According to a study, a 10-day beard is the sexiest facial hair combination for men. Bearded men are also rated higher for perceived parenting skills. Heavy stubble is actually the sexual bomb! Get yours now!

3 Sit up straight

Studies show women are attracted to men with better postures. Good posture can make a night-and-day difference in your appearance. Straightening out your posture will leave you looking taller, stronger and more confident and you’ll feel infinitely better too. And what’s more important, you have made an excellent impression in front of your lady and your better postures convey a lot of positive things to women.

4 Smile less

Attractive? Maybe. But not as much as they would be if they stopped smiling.Attractive? Maybe. But not as much as they would be if they stopped smiling.

Smiling is less attractive to women. Women tend to find smiling men less dominant.
A happy face is considered essential to friendly social interactions, including those involving sexual attraction. However, men and women respond differently to displays of emotion including smiles. A series of studies find that women were least attracted to happy, smiling men, preferring those who looked proud and powerful or moody and ashamed.

5 Get big muscles

Women like big muscles. Muscles are a subliminal sign of good genes. Researches confirm that women are attracted to muscular guys.
“I think we are attracted to big muscles the same way men are attracted to big boobs,” explained Karen, 22. “While they certainly look quite nice, they don’t sit at the top of the list of important characteristics for your long-term partner to have. When women are looking for something short-term, they aren’t necessarily looking for someone to have compelling conversations with — they want someone hot!”

6 Sweat more

Sweat as well as body odor plays a big role in the dating game. Research shows girls rank how a guy smells as the most important feature for determing whether she’ll be attracted to him. A chemical in sweat can actually be a turn-on. Research shows Androstadienone, a component of sweat, improves women’s moods and highlights sexual arousal.


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