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Women Reveal Most Disgusting Things About Your Dating Profile

Women oftentimes find online dating profiles extremely disgusting and disturbing. That’s a fact.

It can be something absolutely messed up men write in their bio description, or something disgusting on their profile picture…

This is one of the most challenging problems you can run into when looking to marry a russian bride on a dating website, as beautiful russian ladies can be quite picky.

You may be the most interesting man in the world when it comes to online chatting, but as soon as russian women seeking man go onto your profile and see something messed up, you won’t even blink before she starts ignoring you.

We’ve got 11 hot russian girls here today to reveal the most disgusting things about your dating profile.

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Your online dating bio description can be disgusting to women

“If you want to meet girls from russia, we don’t want to see any sexist joke in your bio. Like, no, pretty boy, I won’t be in the kitchen 24/7 and I don’t need you to take me shopping or give me money every second for me to love you. Don’t be a sexist,” Natalia, 28.

“When I read something like ‘i want to date a russian girl but only if you’re hot’, I can’t help but think to myself, ‘What a disrespectful asshole’, as I close his profile,” Dana, 22.

“Are you looking for beautiful russian brides? Great. We don’t need to hear about your love of video games or fan fiction. We want to hear what sort of person you are to know if you’re capable of having a girlfriend other than a gamepad,” Angelina, 19.

“Although russian girls may not know the best knowledge of English language, but don’t shorten your words intentionally or use slang, childish words, such as, ‘wut u up 2 gurl?’ That goes both for your bio and a chat conversation,” Anya, 23.

“If you think you know how to date russian girl just because you have loads of money, you’re wrong. Just because you mention your huge salary in the description doesn’t mean russian girls will jump right into your bed to have sex with you. That can be a major turn off to many,” Nastya, 24.

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Your profile picture can be pretty disgusting, too

“If you want to be dating russian women, know this: we have zero tolerance for men who don’t take care of themselves. A scruffy beard, stains on your clothing, wearing sandals over socks – if we see any of it, we run away,” Katya, 23.

“Forget about goatees, they are a total nightmare. Period. There is literally no man on this planet who would look better with a goatee. Except, maybe, Tom Hardy. But he’s sexy either way,” Lyudmila, 28.

“Bald heads. Most russian women seeking man don’t like bald guys. Unless you absolutely have to sport a bald head, grow at least some hair. Short hair can be sexy. Bald heads – not so much,” Vita, 21.

“If I ever see a guy messaging me that is out of shape, I wonder – how are you even here trying to meet girls from russia? You must have zero self-respect if you’re out of shape. I’m not sure you’d have more respect for me than you do for yourself,” Sveta, 24.

“You only have mirror pics on your dating profile? You must be either super lonely and have no friends or you’re obsessed with mirrors. A red flag for me,” Anna, 23.

“You may have the best body in the world, but no need to show your shirtless body in every single photo. That’s disgusting and turns me off,” Kristina, 20.

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