Are Ukrainian Girls Easy? Here Is The Truth You Want To Know

Do you know that Ukrainian girls are considered to be one of the ethnicities with the most beautiful women in the world? Go to Ukraine and you can see a lot of eights, nines, and tens from their appearances alone. The idea of getting a date with Ukrainian females is surely encouraging. However, are they easy?

Are Ukrainian Girls Easy?

Like most countries in the world, the majority of the population in Ukraine is women. However, due to the abundance of hot Ukrainian girls, many outsiders have the wrong impression that they are easy. Although females can be easy-going and like to engage in relationships, they are selective in choosing prospects. A lot of them believe in hard-earned romance and sincerity.

If you encounter a Ukrainian girl, you can easily open casual and friendly conversations. You can do it personally or through online dating sites. But do not ever mistake that their friendliness and charm are signs that they are easy girls.

What Are The Characteristics Of An Easy Girl?

Now that we’re talking about “easy” girls, how about we identify what they are first? In that way, you can determine whether the hot Ukrainian girl you just met is easy or not. Here are the common traits of an “easy” girl:

  1. She is frequently flirting physically.
  2. She likes to showcase her physical assets.
  3. She talks openly of things that are private only for partners.
  4. She likes to drink and party often.
  5. She always talks about her wanting to be in a relationship.

How To Win The Hearts Of Ukrainian Women

Rest assured that majority of the Ukrainian women are not as easy as most foreigners wrongfully assumed. So, if you are planning on dating a Ukrainian girl, you better bring your “A-game”. Here are some dos and don’ts that you must consider to have a greater chance of winning her heart.


  • Be honest in your intentions

If you want a long-term relationship or just a casual one, open up to your Ukrainian date and what your intentions are. Women like things to be clear so that they won’t get hurt by their own expectations.

  • Make the conversation a bit serious and personal

One perfect example of this is asking your Ukrainian date about her family. In Ukraine, people value family relations a lot. So, if you want to win her heart, show that you can be willing to meet her family if things between you two grow stronger.

  • Always listen and be attentive

When she talks, you have to listen intently. When she shows something, express your interest. If the things she showed are subtle, you have to be quick in realizing that on your own. Such ways prove that you are willing to gain her attention and acknowledge the little details. Doing this personally has a lot more impact than doing this over a Ukraine girl dating site.

  • Be assertive

Being a gentleman will always be a plus for any woman. But exerting assertiveness when a situation needs it can multiply your chances of winning the heart of a Ukrainian woman. That leadership and protective instincts are qualities that will make you more attractive.

  • Show some generosity when it comes to presents

Ukrainian women like men that shower them with gifts. Flowers are already a given. You can add chocolates or any womanly product to increase your chances of becoming a suitable partner for your Ukrainian date.  

  • Start your relationship on the right foot

If you see a Ukraine girl dating a foreigner, chances are high that she is looking for a serious relationship. You can’t just expect to be constantly looking for casual dates only. If you want to date a Ukrainian woman, you have to commit because she is unlikely to be an easy girl.


  • Never give empty promises

Whether Ukrainian or not, no woman likes to deal with a man who always gives empty promises. If you can’t keep a promise, never state one in the first place. Actions are appreciated more than words.

  • No comparing of previous relationships

Ukrainian women can be friendly and easy-going, but they don’t like it if they are being compared, worse of all, to a previous girlfriend or fling. If the flow of your conversation allows it, then your Ukrainian date can understand that. But bringing up the past relationship out of the blue? No one ever wants that.

  • Do not always aspire for perfection

Dating Ukraine girl can be stressful if you think you need to be the perfect guy always. There’s even a bigger chance that can backfire. Women like men to exert effort but they don’t like it when men try to sacrifice other things that matter to appear perfect.

  • Never brag

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know where the line between bragging and showing confidence is. If you fail to recognize the difference, then it can spell doom in the chances of your Ukrainian date. Try to be aware of your words. If possible, you can rehearse beforehand so that you can realize when you are bragging and when you are just being confident.


If you plan to date a really beautiful woman who believes in love and happiness, try to date Ukrainian girl. The majority of them are not easy women at all and they even seek sincerity and longevity in relationships. It may be a challenge to win their hearts, but the end goal is really worth it.