Relationship Red Flags You Should Not Ignore With Russian Girls

All relationships have their good and bad times, but there are warning signs men should not ignore with Russian girls. These signs can closely determine if there is something wrong or not working in the relationship. Continue reading to learn some red flags to look out for to save the relationship.

Always Criticizing One Another

It is good to give or receive a little constructive criticism. However, if more criticisms are given to young Russian girls than compliments, the relationship can be headed towards a breakup. According to research, you need to provide 5 or more positive communications to counter a negative interaction so that you can maintain a good relationship with your special someone.

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Having The Same Argument Again And Again

Every relationship has arguments. These arguments can also be healthy. Research also says that couples are 10 times more likely to have good relationships compared to those who do not discuss their relationship issues. This also holds in Russian dating.

Russian girls tend to be calm and modest most of time. However, if you notice your arguments happen over and over and they cannot be resolved, your relationship has likely gone through a major disconnection. Then, you will opt to avoid each other so that you can prevent having another argument.

Finding Reasons To Avoid Each Other

Aside from avoiding having another argument, you find other reasons to avoid your partner. When you see your girl’s car parked outside, you might have thought of opting to stay inside your car to avoid seeing her. Another red flag is finding yourself wanting to meet some people from the best Russian dating sites. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible to save the relationship and avoid further changes in your relationship.

Not Arguing Anymore

Not only arguing a lot but also not arguing at all can be a possible relationship red flag with Russian girls. You might feel relieved that your relationship turns into a conflict-free one. Nevertheless, you or your partner could have given up on the relationship if healthy arguments are absent.

Not having arguments can also mean that you or your girl think the relationship is not worth fighting for. What you need to remember is that the opposite of love is indifference, not hate.

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Not Enjoying Quality Time Together

Another bad sign is you start to think that you would rather meet Russian women from work or neighbourhood than spend time with your partner. This does not mean that couples should always be together to have a good relationship. However, if you find yourself making excuses not to be with your girl, you need to address it before your relationship ends up in a divorce.

The ratio of interactions among couples is ideally 20:1. That means 20 good interactions and 1 bad interaction. Couples that are almost in a divorce are 8:1 or the number of good and bad interactions are equal. More negative interactions over time are a bad sign for your relationship.

Keeping Secrets

When you date Russian girls, it is normal not to tell them everything. Nevertheless, when you keep something from her intentionally such as having dinner with your ex or hanging out with a colleague who likes you, this can be a clear sign that your relationship is in trouble. Having secrets can lead to plating distrust in your relationship. You will have a harder time preventing divorce from happening when trust is gone.

Not Considering To Call Your Partner First

People see their partners as their source of emotional support when they are in a healthy relationship through the good and bad times. They can open up to their family and friends, but it is not the same way as with their partners.

If you realize that your partner is not the first person you reach out to when you are sad or when something good has happened, this is a sign that there is something wrong with your relationship.

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Thinking Of Having An Affair

It is natural to find beautiful Russian women attractive from time to time. Being in a committed relationship does not mean that you will not find others attractive. However, it is not okay if you imagine being with another person and always think about that person. This indicates that there is something wrong with your current marriage.

Having Different Priorities or Values

Men who date hot Russian babes and have good relationships with them give importance to major things. However, nothing is constant. It could happen that the people or things they value before are not important to them anymore.

For instance, someone in the relationship may want to try a lifestyle or have a new religion. This means having a different way of life from their partner. Another example is wanting to move to a different country for a job and the other wanting to stay and work on their career.

If partners cannot adjust to big changes like these, it can be a challenge to overcome when they do not discuss it properly.


Finally, you know some of the red flags to look out for that can break a marriage or any relationship. These affect relationships when dating Russian women or in a committed relationship, so it is time to take action if you notice these signs.

If you find yourself having great difficulty resolving your relationship, it is best to consult with a professional. You should not wait until your relationship is irreparable when you go to counseling. Through their help, you can realize and solve unhealthy relationship patterns and rediscover the love you have for each other.