Russian Girls Dating: Must-Try Ideas to Blossom Love

Are you looking for fun and exciting ideas for Russian girls dating online? Although most Russian girls are not difficult to please, you should still make an effort to plan an online date that will not bore your partner.

Consider these virtual date ideas listed below and see if they are something for you.

1. Have your morning coffee together.

Starting your day together with coffee is one of the best things you and your partner can do even if you are miles apart. Many Russian beauties love their morning coffee, thus, it is a common routine for them in the mornings to have a cup.

Join your partner in starting their day even if you are away from each other by having your morning cup of coffee together whilst having a video call.

Russian girl

2. Cook the same food recipe.

If you and the girl you met on the Russian dating site are both into cooking, then you should have a virtual cooking tandem as a date. It is also a great idea if you cook the same meal at the same time.

On the other hand, if your partner is not into cooking but is interested in learning, you may teach her how to cook your favorite recipe.

3. Enroll in a virtual cooking class.

If you and your partner are not into cooking but you are big food buddies, you should try joining a virtual cooking class together. There are various classes you and your partner can choose from. Make sure to also let her pick the kind of culinary class she wants as many Russian babes are quite particular with their food choices.

Joining an online cooking class is definitely a fun online dating idea and it is also very productive. You get to spend time together with your partner while also learning an important skill.

4. Work out together.

The sexy Russian women you see online are natural beauties. They are naturally beautiful and have toned bodies which they get out of working out. If you are looking for an online dating idea that’s not boring, then you should join your partner in her workout routine.

Working out together is not only a fun way to spend time together even if you are away from each other, but it is also an important task that you might want to get done. So ask your partner if she’d be up for a fun workout date at any time.

Russian beauties

5. Watch a live virtual concert.

Since the start of the pandemic, many artists and performers have organized online concerts for people to watch and enjoy in their own space. Until now, you can still find a vast array of online concerts and live virtual shows on the web.

Ask your partner to join you in watching a live online concert for a date. When you meet Russian women online, you’ll know that they are big on live shows and concerts. Thus, your partner will most likely say yes to this online dating idea.

6. Start your own couple’s book club.

When you join a Russia women dating app, you will notice that many Russian women are into reading books. In fact, many Russians are massive bookworms and spend a lot of time having their nose in a book.

Reading a book together and starting a book club with your partner is an excellent way of keeping in touch with one another. Once you finish a book, you should both share your thoughts and opinions on the plot and give it a rate.

7. Watch a movie or TV series.

Another fun and exciting online date idea that most long-distance couples probably do are binging a TV series or a movie. There are numerous movie-streaming apps you can use to watch a TV show or a movie you’ve been meaning to get into.

Ask your partner to join you in selecting a movie or TV series to binge-watch. See each other’s reactions and share your thoughts at the end of the movie or an episode.

Russian Girls Dating

8. Go on a walk together.

Many hot Russian women go on walks at least twice a week as their way of destressing or exercising. Some women even go on walks religiously every day.

Join your partner in wandering around even if you are miles apart. Take a walk together while having a Facetime call with each other. Tour her around your neighborhood while she also takes you around hers.

9. Play an online game.

If you search “ gamer Russian sexy woman” on the web, you will see that there are a lot of stunning Russian girls that are into video games. Thus, ask your partner if she would like an online games date night with you.

Have your partner select a video game she wants to play. Learn the mechanics together and have fun playing without being too competitive.

10. Stargaze together.

Stargazing together even if you are not by each other’s side is definitely a fun and romantic date night idea. Ask your partner to watch the night sky with you. Make sure to grab some snacks and a drink. Use this time to talk with her about anything you have in mind.


There you have it – those are some of the fun and non-boring online date ideas for you and Russian girls to share. Russian babes are definitely into something fun; thus, you have to make sure your online date is something they will surely enjoy.